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Sales The Calvin Klein Boxers were initially launched in the United States of America in the year 1982. There on the boxers from this world famous brand has continued to be extremely popular among customers belonging to variant classes. The best part is that the Calvin Klein Boxers is a quality product that has actually managed to stand in the face of the toughest of competitions over a prolonged period of time. However, backing on the impeccable material and the unquestionable quality of these products, the Calvin Klein Boxers have finally managed to be the first choice for all Americans who have a taste for something innovative yet of quality. In the last couple of decades the market and the business of this brand has increased in leaps and bounds. In fact given the present conditions, Calvin Klein can actually claim to be present in almost every corner of the globe including outlets in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Singapore, Glasgow, London, New York, Toronto, etc. As per the statistics of a recent estimate, the boxers from the Calvin Klein brand are being sold all around the globe across a whopping 400 direct customer points. The global distribution of this product is carried out on a wholesale basis, thanks to the numerous departmental stores and the specialty outlets that the brand has opened up through the length and breadth of the globe. The kind of brand image and reputation that Calvin Klein has managed to garner over the years has been possible only because each of the products from the brand fit perfectly with the body and is absolutely comfortable to wear, no matter what is the occasion. In a market research it was found that most men admit the fact that they look a lot trimmer and in shape in these boxers particularly and hence have continued to wear them for years. Though it is a widely known truth that more often than not men tend to ignore their undergarments; however, this idea and practice has changed to a large extent in the last decade, thanks to fashion innerwear brands like Calvin Klein. So it is no more a surprise to find consumers committed to this international brand for years now! It is the strict quality control measures at Calvin Klein that has made it possible for this brand to create and establish an international market for itself. It is the dedication to provide the consumer with quality and comfort that has helped it pass by a lot of the other manufacturers who have faded away in the competition in not much time. Though most of the boxers from this brand are a little high priced, they are a lot more long-lasting than the other products available in the market. Hence, once you buy a couple of these you do not have to continue going to the shops asking for underwear for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, these products are available in wide ranges of various colors and designs. So no matter what your specifications are, this brand will surely have something or the other to satisfy you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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