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Movies-TV More than a hundred years ago, Gottlieb Nipkow invented what would be.e the modern day television. No doubt, Nipkow was thinking that his invention will be.e a huge hit but he might not have guessed how much his invention will impact the human race. Through television, individuals are kept informed and entertained. News programs bring them closer to their neighbors and even with citizens of different countries around the world. An event in Moscow can be seen through the television from as far away as Australia. Entertainment is one thing that should never be gone from the vocabulary of people across the world. And the television has made it possible to entertain the citizens of the world. A sporting event in Germany like last year\’s World Cup can be broadcasted and watched by millions of people from around the world. Such is the power of the television. Although studies have shown that too much time spent in front of a TV set can harm the eyes not to mention affect the relationship in a family, the benefits of the modern day television is hard to put down. Large .panies from different industries use the television as a medium to convey their messages to consumers via advertisements. Artists and directors use it to express themselves and in the process invoking emotions on viewers which can uplift their spirits. Indeed, the television is a wonderful creation and it is only fitting that through the years, it has been improved. Today, TV is the world\’s most popular form of entertainment. Numerous channels are available covering different subjects. Some are focused on giving out information just like Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel. There are also channels which specialize and show only movies like HBO. There are also news channels like CNN and BBC. Lifestyle networks and channels with \"reality\" shows are the rage these days. High-definition television is also the favorite of consumers today. These TV sets offers much clearer pictures and better sound quality. With the advent of this technology, .panies providing direct broadcast satellite services to TV viewers also increased. One such .pany is DISH Network which has a wide consumer base in North America. Said .pany offer HDTV to their consumers as upgrades. The .pany installs satellite dish and satellite receiver boxes which are needed for the viewer to receive HD content broadcasted and distributed by the .pany. Said .pany is a subsidiary of EchoStar .munications Corporation. It started operating in 1996 and for more than ten years has be.e one of the leading providers of HD content to viewers not only in the United States but in the whole continent. The .pany has been steadily increasing their hold on the American viewing public. In 1996, said .pany had 100,000 subscribers. Eleven years after, DISH is proud to announce that they already have more than 13 million subscribers. That number is expected to increase as the .pany continues to upgrade its services and continue its dedication toward protecting its consumers from overpricing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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