Beijing will try air raid warning outside the rings on

This Saturday in Beijing will be five air raid alert – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Wu Wei) in September 12th, according to the Beijing civil defense Bureau, approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s government, this year, the city will be held on the third Saturday of September (September 17th) and the national defense education day in the city outside the five loop area air defense siren. After the north end of the trial, the trial of the air raid siren on the third Saturday in September is China’s national defense education day, this year for the year September 17th. The alarm time is scheduled to call on September 17, 2016 (Saturday) 3 pm to 3:23, the scope of the trial outside the ring road. "In the morning of September 17th, the city organized the Beijing International Marathon race, after a variety of considerations, in order to avoid mutual influence, so choose the end of the Marathon after the air defense alarm test." Beijing Public Security Bureau responsible person. In accordance with the municipal government announced this year, siren in accordance with the "early warning" and "alert" and "clear" order, each alarm at the time of 3 minutes, 7 minutes apart. In addition to the school and district masked drills, the reporter was informed that this year, Beijing will choose some schools and residential areas to air defense alarm signal for the unified password, masking exercise. At present, the city’s Civil Defense Department is determining the specific area of the school and masking exercises. For people who have lived in peace for a long time, what should we do when we hear the air raid warning? Public Security Bureau relevant person in charge, on the afternoon of September 17th in Beijing five ring road outside the air defense alarm trial, is a state of emergency alarm test. Members of the public should pay attention to the identification of air defense warning signals, in addition to part of the personnel involved in the exercise, do not need to take any measures to continue to maintain normal work and life order. It is understood that this is the Beijing city in recent 10 years, the fourth air defense alarm ringing. The first time is 14:28 on May 19, 2008, to commemorate the Wenchuan earthquake victims compatriots, in the scope of the air raid siren sounded second times; in 2014 the Beijing Municipal People’s air defense exercises, in Mentougou, Fangshan and Yan Qingsan counties of siren; the third was in September 19, 2015, in the city’s 10 districts and counties of the siren. How to make construction of air defense warning? Alarm control alarm alarm control terminal is responsible for implementation, accurate and timely payment according to the introduction, according to the air defense warning mode of energy conversion into electric, acoustic, pneumatic and manual alarm four. According to the sound signal sound pressure is divided into large, medium and small alarm. The sound pressure level of the large-scale alarm is above one hundred dB, and the sound pressure level of the medium alarm is several tens of decibels. According to the use of different conditions are divided into two kinds of fixed alarm and mobile alarm, motor siren is mainly the air defense alarm installed in the car. In addition, whistle, wired and wireless radio, television, telephone, Internet and bell Gong, also can be used as auxiliary equipment and alarm means. So, Beijing trial air raid warning is how to send? In this regard, Beijing.相关的主题文章:

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