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The mother bear children with mobile phone game   spend more than 3 thousand to buy games and equipment — Hainan channel — original title: shield bank SMS notification mom is in recently, Ms. Wang, who lives in Haikou City, Nansha Road, told reporters that her 9 year old son, 5 year old child, two people very obedient. In addition to the usual school, they love playing games with her mobile phone. Who knows, the two bear children in addition to playing games with the phone, but also in the case of her mother did not know, spent more than 3000 yuan to buy her bank card game virtual equipment. Recently, Ms. Wang went to the bank to get the money found that the card is less than 3000 yuan of money, after watching the consumption of water bills, the money is through the money paid through the number of times out of 40. At first, Ms. Wang thought it was a bank card stolen brush, I will bind the bank card number of the phone, but I did not receive a message sent to the consumer bank sms." Ms. Wang said. Ms. Wang think bank is a problem, but the bank staff inquiry found that Ms. Wang’s account SMS alert function normal, then advised her to check whether to set the mobile phone shielding to receive messages sent to the bank. Ms. Wang to find a friend to help check the phone and found that the phone does block the bank sms. Ms. Wang think two sons often use her mobile phone to play a game called "Cross Fire", the problem may be in them, back home to ask, indeed, two children to be honest, they use the mother’s mobile phone to play games and buy game virtual equipment. Is there any responsibility for the game? The reporter consulted a game company customer service, customer service said, "as long as the game player to complete the payment, that means they have to complete the payment of the authority, as is not a minor operation, we cannot judge." Lawyers say this, a Hainan Ruilai law firm lawyers said that under the age of 16 is the limited capacity in civil activities, they can only for his age, intelligence to adapt. Two children with Ms. Wang’s mother’s mobile phone to play games, and spent 3000 yuan to buy equipment, this behavior of his age, intelligence is not consistent, but not their living behavior, this form of contract is a special ‘pending’ contracts, the contract only in the legal representative (Guardian) only valid after ratification. But Ms. Wang to recover the money you need to provide these consumption is completed by the child to prove." (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章:

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