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Another big IP! Ali pictures by Spielberg – Guizhou Channel – original title: another big IP! Ali pictures by Spielberg Beijing on October 9th news, Alibaba and Amblin Partners studios announced today that the plan will reach the coordinated development of the comprehensive strategic cooperation based on the future. At the same time, the Alibaba will be stationed in the pictures a representative to join Amblin Partners’s board of directors, major issues involved in company decision-making. Ali pictures by Spielberg (picture from Sina) according to the agreement, part of the Alibaba pictures will buy Amblin shares of Partners, one of Amblin Partners’s strategic shareholder, the two sides will make joint investment, cooperation, in derivatives and publicity issue areas in close cooperation. It is understood that this is the first time since the establishment of the Amblin Partners Chinese capital, is the Alibaba for the first time in films since the establishment of capital and business integration form and leading Hollywood Entertainment Group cooperation. Amblin Partners chairman Steven? Spielberg said, "we are very proud and excited to join the Amblin Partners film Alibaba, together with several other partners, together to create a new growth point, to promote the further development of the company to grow. We hope that through creativity and imagination, to China and even the world’s audience to bring better entertainment content. In addition, we would like to thank Mr. Ma Yun for his friendship and support." Spielberg, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group as a special guest attended, Ma said: mr.. With the growing demand of Chinese consumers for global quality content, I believe that this cooperation will become a bridge of cultural communication, and will have a positive impact on the new generation of Chinese consumers." The Alibaba ‘board of directors chairman Shao Xiaofeng said, "this cooperation is an important milepost on both sides of the globalization, we will through the ecological system of Alibaba, the Amblin Partners film better into the hundreds of millions of consumers China." According to reports, Amblin Partners and Alibaba pictures will be through the integration of resources, technology and talent, and the global market for Chinese CO produced the film, and other items on the Amblin Partners within the scope of global cooperation. In addition, the Alibaba will also take pictures of joint investment in the form of Amblin Partners to the other film projects. Alibaba pictures will make full use of its operations in the whole industry chain, including the Internet and online ticketing service, cinema and theater and entertainment business operation system, as Amblin Partners in the movie project Chinese area marketing distribution and derivatives partners. In addition, the Alibaba will also provide Amblin Partners pictures through contact Alibaba group of 434 million active users)相关的主题文章:

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