Alyssa Chia ex husband remarried actress relent admit has become Mrs. sun (video) 519697

Alyssa Chia ex husband remarried actress relent admit has become "Mrs. sun" Sun Zhihao, Lin Joia Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that supermodel Lin from the catwalk to Joia drama brisk, and her ex husband Sun Zhihao Alyssa Chia in 2012 broke into love became a subject, although two people once came to love on the rocks, but soon composite communication during the 4 years, Alyssa Chia has remarried daughter, she and the sun to maintain a long-distance love, 3, two people were in Guam over the secret marriage, her 4 days through a broker to relent admit has become "Mrs. sun". Sun Zhihao and Lin Joia Association for more than 4 years, although the middle once after breaking up, but the fire soon again, and the compound, had married consensus, in 2015 two people to work for the first, but August attended Ruby Lin mothering feast, two people hand in hand with the attendance has been quite like a "couple", for the 3 day in Guam was broke through the secret marriage, Lin Joia agent admits she in both sides of the family has become a witness, "Mrs. sun", and said "now she is very happy, thank you outside blessing. It is reported that Alyssa Chia and the daughter of the birth of the mother of the, the younger sister is also in the wedding scene, whether her mother has long been informed of the? Jia’s agent said that she had not contacted her, and she had never heard of it." Leave a daughter! Alyssa Chia, Shiou, two world相关的主题文章:

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