A stream of cold air sweeping Jincheng weekend haze scattered reshacker

A stream of cold air sweeping Jincheng weekend haze scattered near the end of the week, the castle under the fog. Tianjin city meteorological station yesterday released 5 fog orange signal warning signal, this is the second half of this year, the first release of Jincheng orange signal warning fog. The maximum range of fog weather process in Middle East this fog is China’s second half, daytime haze aggravated and large parts of the castle appeared in moderate to severe haze, Tianjin to improve the weather warning of heavy pollution to the orange level. This is the autumn castle for the first time since the release of the "double orange warning". Expected haze weather lasted until 5 days morning, afternoon, cold air gradually infiltrated, Jincheng slowly improved visibility. This weekend, the air quality will be experienced by the poor good reversal, cold air on Saturday afternoon to Tianjin, the northeast wind 2 to 3 levels of land, gradually increased to 4 to 5, Saturday is the first day of Jincheng formal heating, there is still the possibility of the morning fog, fog clears, the highest temperature is 13 degrees Celsius, the morning the minimum temperature of 5 degrees. Sunday, cloudy, north to south, the maximum temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of 6 degrees. [reporter correspondent Lu Huanzhen Liang Shuang]相关的主题文章:

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