A primary school in Jiaxing to the electric class teacher it is very specialwww.ppp444.com

A primary school in Jiaxing has come to an electric teacher. It has a special way of teaching. Children, what do we need to use electricity in our daily life? What safety matters should we pay attention to when using electricity?…… On September 28th, more than 30 students in Jiaxing Haining City, a school in the third grade classroom staring intently listening to "teacher" in the Taiwan Music Hall, entitled "the power of knowledge of electricity safety home" is underway. The school is one Haining city migrant children school, now has more than 1000 students, the school came to Haining with his parents to work because child safety education usually busy working parents to attend to their children, safety education problems of migrant workers children become a social focus. State Grid Zhejiang Haining power supply company actively contact friendship school, open public class, let the children master the safe use of electricity common sense, improve the sense of self prevention. "Electric" teacher through the comic PPT, the site to explain the power safety knowledge and other forms of interactive quiz, vividly explain to the students in the daily life of electrical safety knowledge. "The original can not play while charging the mobile phone ah, I want to tell my mom and dad." "Teacher, can we not watch TV in thunderstorm days?"" "Go home. I’m going to tell my family about these tips."." The form of lively, fun way of learning has been warmly welcomed by the children, everyone you made me a discussion, the atmosphere is very warm. At the same time, let everyone in the pleasant atmosphere to understand the power safety knowledge, enhance self-protection ability and protect the awareness of power facilities. In addition, the volunteers also issued the campus electricity safety publicity pictures more than 300 books, and the school office, classrooms, electricity facilities for the inspection and maintenance.

嘉兴一小学来了位“电老师” 它的上课方式很特别 小朋友们,我们在平时的生活中哪些是需要用到电的?用电时需要注意哪几个安全事项?……9月28日,在嘉兴海宁市一学校的三年级教室内30多名学生瞪大了眼睛聚精会神的听着“电老师”在台上图声并茂的讲解,一堂题为“安全用电带回家”的电力知识正在火热进行中。该校是海宁市的一所外地民工子弟学校,现拥有学生1000多名,这些随父母打工来到海宁就读的孩子因平时父母工作繁忙无暇顾及子女的安全教育,农民工的子女的安全教育问题成为一个社会关注的焦点。国网浙江海宁市供电公司主动联系友谊学校,开设公益课堂,让孩子们掌握安全用电常识,提高自我防范意识。“电”老师通过漫画PPT、现场讲解、电力安全知识互动问答等形式,生动形象地向学生们讲解日常生活中的用电安全知识。“原来不能边充电边玩手机啊,我要告诉爸爸妈妈。”、“老师,那是否在雷雨天时我们也不能看电视?”、“回家我要把这些节电小窍门告诉家里人。”形式活泼、寓教于乐的学习方式受到了小朋友们的热烈欢迎,大家你一言我一语地讨论起来,现场气氛甚是热烈。同时也让大家在愉快的氛围中懂得了用电安全知识,增强自我保护能力和保护电力设施的意识。另外,志愿者们还在校园里发放安全用电宣传画册300余册,并对学校办公室、教室内的用电设施进行了检查与维护。相关的主题文章:

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