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8 month old baby eating this "something" couldn’t speak mother lying on the bed to see – Sohu is only 8 months old son no longer speak, Yang mother kept wiping tears. It was a moment of carelessness, and now the baby has been in the pediatric intensive care unit because he swallowed it. Yang mother was found that some of the baby runny nose and mild symptoms of asthma, while the doctor was diagnosed with bronchiolitis caused by respiratory infection, is a common disease. However, the baby’s condition began to increase, sent to the hospital immediately after shooting X light, the results show that a battery stuck in the esophagus. The electrochemical reaction of the cell with saliva and gastric juice, resulting in rapid corrosion and burns to the esophagus, respiratory tract, and other soft tissues. It takes years of healing, but it’s still possible that you’ll never breathe again, and you’ll never talk again. Remind parents beware of small items button battery light weight and small volume, widely used in a variety of micro electronic products, this battery most of the use of children’s toys, children eating frequent incidents. The battery ingestion have damage to the patients with digestive tract perforation, can cause severe, life-threatening. To remind parents, please dispose of all kinds of electronic products in the family in the battery, and take good care of children, avoid eating children battery happening again. Mom and dad please share this story to her friends, let them know the risk of small items may bring to baby, we must pay attention to! There is a sick baby, we must promptly seek medical treatment, do not believe too much on the network approach to self treatment, so as not to delay the disease. Is to go to the regular large children’s Hospital, avoid quack misdiagnosis, don’t be afraid to spend money, afraid of X rays bring bad effects to the baby, the above is an example! Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

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