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Vacation-Rentals The renting of timeshares has be.e increasingly popular in recent years because of the freedom that timeshares allow renters to have. Renting a timeshare allows renters to choose virtually their entire vacation ranging from choosing when renters eat their meals, to where they sleep at night. They also allow renters to feel as .fortable as they would in their own home with cozy set-ups and beautiful views. Timeshares allow renters to virtually bring all of the necessities from home to another home for the length of their stay. If you are looking to purchase or sell a timeshare there are a few important things you must know. The first thing that is important to know when dealing with timeshare resales is the length of time and the time of the year the timeshare will be available. There are three ways to run a timeshare rental. The first type is a fixed week, what a fixed week is, is the calendar which will give every week starting January 1st through the last week in December a number, January 1st being labeled week 1, and the last week of December being labeled week 52. This will allow renters to stay for the week they are assigned, and only the week they are assigned. Normally these weeks start on Saturday or Sunday. These are one of the most popular ways to rent out your timeshare and this type of system will help if you are looking into the timeshare resales business. The next type of system for timeshare rental is a floating week. With a floating week renters are required to call the resort where the timeshare is located and you make a reservation after looking at listed weeks of availability for the resort, this is popular way to rent because in most cases it doesnt have to be annual (so you can try it out for a week before you succumb to doing it every year). Keep it mind that in this type of renting system some weeks are excluded such as the week of Christmas or Easter for upper level memberships and people who have been renting for years at that location. The third type of rental is called a flex week. With a flex week renters are required to pick a season that they will be renting and using that season the resort or owner will assign the time you based on availability. Obviously if you pick winter at a ski resort the cost will be higher in the winter, and the same goes for renting a timeshare in Florida during peak times. These three types of timeshares .e into play if you are looking to go into the timeshare resale business, as it is very important to pick the right type of rental for your location to make maximum profits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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