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Language Benjamin and his family decided they would like to go to America for a two-week vacation, but they wanted it to be more than a vacation. They wanted to make it memorable – to really experience the country and the culture. After doing a little searching, the family had an idea: they determined to learn English. Learning the language would not only make traveling easier, but it would enhance their entire vacation experience while giving them a valuable skill at the same time. The family was right. Learning English can open doors to numerous opportunities. Often described as the "global language," English is the official language used internationally in business, science, entertainment, diplomacy, and aviation with over 380 million people speaking the language natively and countless more using English as a second language. Knowing the English language and being able to speak it fluently has be.e an invaluable tool. Benjamin and his family discovered the best way for them to learn the language was to study English online. Through these English courses online, they were able to study at their own pace, choose their own schedule, learn .mon expressions, hear and practice correct pronunciation, and learn about the culture. At some points, they chose to move quickly through the lessons; at other times, they slowed down and reviewed together. Through it all, they found that taking English courses online proved to be simple, convenient, and enjoyable. Some may wonder why anyone would want to take English online or even to learn English at all for a relatively brief vacation, but the reasons are plentiful. Taking English courses online allows for .munication with the world — .munication that can last even long after a vacation. People who have taken the time to learn English for their travels will: *Have the ability to research for their vacation and gain much more knowledge of their destination through resources such as the Internet and books. *Find that travel is more interesting and fun since using the language be.es part of the adventure. *Enjoy cultural activities, such as movies and music while being able to understand the words. *Benefit from local people’s appreciation for travelers who have made the effort to learn their language. *Be able to watch television and local news reports, which are broadcast not only in English-speaking countries but virtually all over the world. *Receive better service in restaurants and shops as knowing the language allows one to understand menus, read signs, and .municate with staff. *Be capable of getting help in a medical emergency through the ability to describe symptoms. *Gain a greater appreciation of the culture by experiencing the language personally and acquiring a greater understanding of the people. *Feel more at ease as a traveler and be able to enjoy the vacation with a greater sense of relaxation. *Get around more easily through the ability to ask directions and understand customs agents, taxi drivers, etc. Clearly, learning English, and specifically studying English online, creates extensive opportunities for travelers as well as opening up a wide variety of vacation destinations. English is the primary language spoken in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, the Caribbean, Canada, and Australia and is spoken as a second language in many other countries, including South Africa, India, and Pakistan. Nearly a billion people around the world speak at least basic-level English. Benjamin and his family discovered firsthand that to learn English is to acquire access to the world. Taking English courses online provided fun, flexibility, and ease of study they could not have imagined. Learning English online was one of the best things they could have done. It was, for them, a great decision, one which not only enhanced their vacation but one which also enhanced their futures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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