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Business Average consumers and professional publishing .panies all have access to large scale .mercial printing services. The rapid expansion of the "self publishing" industry has made the remarkably high-quality products available only on .mercial printing presses available to the masses. When considering the use of a large scale .mercial printing service it is important to remember that, while the cost of the job may seem quite low, the services they provide .e at a premium expense. This means that a few "essential" options should be available from the .pany selected. These include: 1. Full color printing 2. Lithographic or planographic options (this is particularly important for artists who self-publish images of their work) 3. Short run print jobs 4. A variety of binding options Full color printing is an absolute essential for anyone considering the publication of a book with graphics, illustrations, photographs or reproduction photographs of artwork. It is also important if a full color case or cover is desired. Many people also self-publish children’s books and full color printing is an absolute necessity where such works are concerned. Lithographic and planographic processes require the "plate" to .e into full contact with the paper, and results in the highest quality imagery available. Many coffee table books and highly graphic works rely on the lithographic process to yield the best results. This also requires the .mercial printing service to make full color printing available as well, but is generally not difficult to locate within many printing .pany’s basic services. Short run print jobs are essential because they can make the difference between printing a book and not printing a book. How is that? A .mercial printing service that accepts short run jobs allows a self-publishing author to order less than one thousand units. This can save enormous amounts of money and may actually allow someone to move ahead with their publishing plans. Many short run printers also don’t tack on extra fees if an existing customer orders a repeat of a short run job because they would all ready have all of the materials to .plete the work. .mercial printers should offer their customers a nice range of binding options, even if they are ordering a short run printing job. Today’s binderies can glue or stitch their binding and make a range of "cases" available as well. .mercial printers should be able to make many options for both soft and hardcover books affordable and available to their clients. Some final considerations for working with a .mercial printing service include support services, shipping and "turnaround" time. Even the largest of .mercial printers should be able to guide their client through the entire printing and proofing process. This means that they should have a dedicated customer representative who is in direct contact with the customer every step of the way – from the design of the job, the approving of the "proof" copy and the review of the .pleted work. Additionally, there should be some reasonable pricing available on the shipping of printed books through the .mercial printing .pany. Even if they use a bindery service, the printer should extend wholesale pricing because they have access to the best pricing themselves. Finally, .mercial printers, particularly in the "large scale" category, do nothing but printing jobs all day, every day. Because of that they should have a relatively short "turnaround" time on the work, and anything beyond 90 days is not realistic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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