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Automobiles If you have to cut a brake line you will have to double-flare it to connect it to a flare pipe fitting. Do not run to a car mechanic at the first instance of your car brake line cut. This can be handled by you in your garage as a Do- it yourself (DIY) project. A break through in the area of flaring brakes from the masters in car restoration as Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool. Eastwood’s brake flaring tool will pay for itself with your project, and itll give you peace of mind knowing that your brake flares are of OE-precision quality and safety. Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool mounts in your vise to help you easily form 45-degree single and double in OE steel, stainless steel, and soft metal tubing for 3/16"-, 1/4"-, 5/16"- and 3/8"-diameter lines which means it can handle all your plumbing jobs from brake lines to transmission cooler lines and fuel lines. The "Turret-style" design in this tool allows you to make those precision flares in minimal time. All the brake-flaring forming dies you need are mounted right on the turret, so there is no fumbling for small parts or no worry about missing dies. "T"-handle screw clamp securely holds your line in place during forming. How to use the Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool Simply insert the tubing, swing the turret to set the proper line depth. Turn the turret to where you will form the flare To form a double flare, spin the turret to form it without cracks or deformation, and in perfect alignment with the fitting. This assures a tight, leak-free, professional brake flare every time Compare to any other models and see for yourselfyou cannot beat the high-quality results you will get with this brake flaring tool Its a professional-grade tool at a do-it-yourself price Professional Brake-Flaring Tool lets you create two kinds of precision flares, in any of four sizes of tubing, in minimal time. The specific ability being, creating 45 degree single and double flares in seconds. Eastwood is proud to offer a wide range of specialized finishes for hobby and professional applications. For more information on the Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their full-color catalog: go to .eastwood.. or call Toll-Free: 1-800-345-1178; or write to: The Eastwood .pany, 263 Shoemaker Rd. Pottstown, PA 19464. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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