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Business You may think I’m a Pollyana but I know that a positive attitude about keeping my business sailing through the lousy seas of Recession 2009 is one of my strongest assets. The same is true for any business that has known success in the past yet is struggling to make it through a radically shifted economic landscape. Holding on to ‘what was’ will never let you enjoy ‘what will be’ – and all will be better at some point. Yet, if we continue to think in terms of panic and ruin, we’ll never find the opportunities that do exist among the panic and ruin. So here are 6 strategies to get moving forward. 1. Get over the panic and accept the reality of the current, crappy economy and its continuously shifting rules. How do you do that? Improve everything and be prepared to let go of old beliefs and routines; beliefs that may limit the possible success available to you. 2. Change the way you function in the business. Clear the mental clutter so you can be more creative and efficient with what you’ve got. I absolutely believe you have a treasure of under-used assets in your business that are not contributing their full potential because you’re so accustomed to using them in a routine, habitual way. Again, it’s that ‘we’ve always done it this way’ approach to business. Look at everything in your business: your employees’ massively under-used skills and ideas, your relationships, alliances, vendors, processes, your location, products and services. And, since personal attitude and beliefs are so critical now, this is the right time to focus on continued personal development. If you want different results than what you’re experiencing right now you gotta shake things up; change the way you approach what you have, what’s confronting you, what you want and how you’ll get it. Choose the right mentors or support system of trusted advisers. Consciously and unconsciously we model our behavior after the people we admire and respect. Join a peer advisory group, a mastermind group, develop your own board of advisers or work with a coach – choose to learn from those who have handled what you’re handling yet whose perspective differs from your own and you’ll expand the range of options ahead of you. Don’t surround yourself with people who always endorse your thinking. Change your environment. Our behaviors are always a reflection of our environment. Make sure your working environment is one that supports your creativity, supports your desire to actually be at your place of business and your pride in your business. 3. Reflect on what is working and what’s not working in your business model; be willing to let go of that which just doesn’t help or support you anymore. Rather than see your business as a single, intertwined entity, break it down as a series of modules and examine each piece separately: marketing, product development customer service, policies, fixed costs, information technology, strategy, budgeting, sales, employee policies – all of it. If you cut costs this way, you’ll make an impact yet won’t do real damage to the business by starving it of funds it needs to survive. 4. Make changes in your product mix to drive more business in. Use the variety of new media to find lower cost ways to deliver your product or reduce your prices. Give your customers a break. Just like you, your customers are struggling to make ends meet and there’s no benefit to you if they go out of business; you both need each other and if you’re willing to be flexible they won’t f.et it and you’ll be on the top of their buy-from list when times get better. 5. Don’t cut back on marketing. Focus on getting more from your current customers and don’t waste time on prospects who aren’t going to buy. Improve customer service – this is a low cost, effective marketing tool. Good relationships will beat out price and contracts every time! 6. Continue to be pro-active and responsive, not reactive. Don’t think in terms of ‘right now’; instead, make choices that will continue to be smart ones, long term. Keep your spirits high. Put some motivational material on your cd’s or iPod. Nothing makes selling more difficult than a doom-and-gloom attitude. A positive attitude has a lot to do with your continued ability to be creative, aggressive and persistent. And it’ll be a great habit to maintain when things get easier again – and they will! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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