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The Shanghai lottery ticket 6 million 580 thousand yuan prize for single family Liqin lucky numbers keep the evening of October 10th, Super Lotto 16119th lottery, the current national out of a total of 4 note first prize, Shanghai lottery prize although no gains, but the extension is located in Jingan District road 417, 02008 sales outlets gave birth to a 75 times two prize winning tickets, single take the bonus tickets also reached more than 6 million 580 thousand yuan. The early morning of October 31st, winning lottery MR (of surname) will be long in coming, rushed to the awarding. Keep the number of family lucky numbers in lottery, the Shanghai uncle Mr. He accepted an interview with reporters, he said, his lucky number of long-term use of family members were kept, has continued to buy the lottery for nearly 10 years. He said: "I was always 2 group number, recently launched a lotto lottery center multi promissory note, I buy 15 each time period, the 15 period all the lottery is completed, and then went to the 15 outlets awarding, and continue to buy back." The award of 6 million 580 thousand yuan of lottery actual purchase in September 20th, involving from 16111 period starting 15 Super Lotto lottery, while 16119 achievements of Mr. lucky. In this regard, Mr. He said: "for me this promissory note to keep a long-term, the lottery is very convenient, not because of something forgotten lottery." 75 times times the investment embrace 75 note second ho own long-term adherence to keep the number of 75 times times the investment, more than 15 period requires one-time promissory note to spend 4500 yuan, the current total of two prize 98 notes, each note bonus of more than 87 thousand yuan, a single ticket winning 6 million 580 thousand yuan. At the end of October, Mr. He once again rushed to the outlets to buy Lotto number of promissory note, a lottery will give the sales clerk check, terminal display "the lottery outlets over the payment amount, the award to sports lottery center Duijiang office". The early morning of October 31st, Mr. He went to pay, but he had also did not check the winning amount of their own, thought probably as usual in a million yuan level small prize, awarding the staff told him until he takes note Lotto 75 two prize bonus reached 6 million 580 thousand yuan, he was forced to wake up. For bonus, yet from this suddenly happy God breathed Ho said: "there are no plans, to save it." Hot news: the prosecution of Dai Haibo bribery, concealing offshore deposits prosecution case Shanghai vehicle inspection system was totally paralyzed tomorrow owner: 200 block +3 residents purchase second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Oolong couple on the Hong Kong team to replace Conca Seder Shanghai top luxury exposure (Figure) was rushed to the hospital of Shanghai hegui the operation due to metal insert leg (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai Thursday from the low temperature only 10 degrees 7 degrees cool cliff next week

上海彩民单票力擒658万元大奖 用家庭幸运数字守号   10月10日晚,超级大乐透第16119期开奖,当期全国共开出一等奖4注,上海彩民虽然未有一等奖斩获,但是位于静安区广延路417号02008销售网点诞生了一注75倍的二等奖中奖票,单票豪取奖金亦达到658万多元。   10月31日一早,中奖彩民何先生(化姓)才姗姗来迟,赶赴兑奖。   家庭幸运数字守号   在兑奖处,这位上海阿叔何先生接受了记者采访,他表示,自己长期使用家庭成员的幸运数字进行守号,陆陆续续购买体彩已有近10年时间。他说:“我是一直守2组号码的,近期,体彩中心推出了大乐透多期票,我就每次买15期,到了15期全部开奖完毕,然后就去网点兑奖,并且继续再买后面的15期。”   此番中出658万元大奖的彩票实际购买于9月20日,涉及从16111期起始的15期超级大乐透彩票,而16119期成就了何先生的幸运。   对此,何先生表示:“多期票对于我这种长期守号的彩民来说很方便,不会因为临时有事遗忘购彩。”   75倍倍投揽75注二奖   何先生长期坚持对自己的守号进行75倍倍投,15期的多期票就需要一次性花费4500元,当期全国共中出二等奖98注,每注奖金超过8.7万元,单票中奖658万元。   10月底,何先生再度赶赴网点购买大乐透多期票,将前一次的彩票交给网点销售员核对时,终端机显示“该彩票超过了网点兑付额度,需前往市体彩中心兑奖处领奖”。   10月31日一早,何先生就赶赴兑奖处,但他此前也并未查询自己的中奖金额,心想大概还是和以往一样中了个万元级别的小奖,直到兑奖处工作人员告诉他自己揽下75注大乐透二等奖,奖金达到658万元时,他才如梦方醒。   对于奖金的使用,还未从这突然起来的幸福中缓过神来的何先生笑言:“还没有计划,先存起来吧。”   热点新闻:   上海检察机关对戴海波涉嫌受贿、隐瞒境外存款案提起公诉   上海车管所验车系统全线瘫痪 车主:明天就200块+3分了   市民购二手房遇乌龙 签约房东已过世遭顶替   孔卡夫妇家宴上港队友 上海顶级豪宅曝光(图)   何炅被急送上海医院手术 疑因金属物插入小腿(图)   天气预报:   上海周三起最低温仅10度 下周将断崖式降温7度相关的主题文章:

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