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Wuhan level cadres being investigated Gongjusiyong refused to meet against the investigation was removed from the newspaper news (reporter Zheng Ruke intern correspondent Yang Lei Xia Ji Duan Chenchen) "we are in the process of investigation, Xie Moumou repeatedly evasive, prevarication, do not answer the phone, not to notice and do not match, resulting in the investigation is very difficult to promote." Yesterday, Jiangxia District Commission for Discipline Inspection investigators of the district level cadres to the Yangtze River Daily reporter Xie Moumou case. Xie Moumou joined the Communist Party of China in July 1990, since March 2013, he was appointed Jiangxia District Street Party Working Committee, deputy director of the office, in charge of street traffic, urban construction and other work. In 2012, a tourism company in Wuhan to a village street under investment in the construction of "a landscape of lakes and mountains resort town" project, Xie Moumou is the coordination of the person in charge of the project. As the village away from the street, the street office will be a modern brand of off-road vehicles in Beijing by Xie Moumou responsible for the coordination of the above projects. From October 2013 to April 2014, the car several times by Xianning Highway Traffic Police Brigade, Tongshan County in Hubei province to the traffic information acquisition unit, and the time for the weekend. District Commission for Discipline Inspection investigators, after receiving a report from the masses, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of Xie Moumou alleged disciplinary investigation. In the survey, Xie Moumou at first it refers to the hanging point village issued false proof, under false pretenses, in the investigation group pointed out that it lies after further investigation, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection leaders and investigators repeatedly call Xie Moumou conversation, Xie Moumou refused to meet, refusing to accept organization survey. As a leading cadres, in violation of the rules and regulations of self-discipline and traffic regulations, refused to accept the organization investigation, adverse effects, we must resolutely deal with." Investigators said Xie Moumou serious violation of Party discipline, was eventually sentenced to a serious warning within the party, and removed its Street Party committee member, deputy director of the office. The text of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection "on the provisions of the party organization and Party discipline punishment and the disciplinary cases hamper (Trial)" the provisions of article second: any party organizations and Party members, in violation of the constitution, "criterion" and the national laws and regulations, means, against the obstruction, interference, damage to disciplinary cases the investigation, case investigation work can not be carried out smoothly, since they hamper case investigation behavior. Rule third: all impede the investigation of the cases, are violated party discipline; where the circumstances are serious, shall be given disciplinary punishment. At the same time in violation of discipline or a violation of the law, the party organization can be recommended and transferred to the administrative organs or judicial organs shall be dealt with. The sixth rule: the person who is being examined should consciously accept the inspection of the organization, truthfully explain the situation, take the initiative to explain the problem, carefully check the error, with the organization as soon as possible to identify the problem. January 1, 2016 implementation of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" provisions of article fifty-seventh, against the organization review, one of the following acts, given a warning or serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from party posts or probation; if the circumstances are serious, expelled from the party: (a) collusion or forgery, destruction, transfer or conceal evidence; (two) to prevent others from exposing inspection)相关的主题文章:

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