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Beijing people outside the home remote   you know — real estate deal — original title: if you know the new home remote with the Beijing people in the field of housing situation gradually increased, all property policy change has become the focus of attention in Beijing. The last day of August this year, the first to restart the Xiamen restriction order, after the start of Wuhan limit loan order". These new deal not only affects the hearts of local residents, but also touched the intention to buy a house in the field of Beijing people’s nerves. Insiders said that after the introduction of the property market in Xiamen and Wuhan regulation of the new deal, some of the larger price increases in the second tier cities are likely to follow up. Beijing people more places to buy a house over lent Beijing Ms. Zhang wanted to buy a house in Beijing area. Ms. Zhang told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, a few years ago, my family and I have bought a house in Beijing. Now I have some savings, to buy a house. However, the price is too high in Beijing, and my family simply can not reach, so it is considered to buy a house in the area of beijing." She also told the Beijing morning news reporter inquiries Yanjiao, Dachang, Xianghe property market policies have what change. Different from Ms. Zhang, over three years later, Mr. Sun intends to buy a house in Xiamen. Mr. Sun said, "my hometown is in Xiamen, so I want to buy a new house in Xiamen. So I went back to the old man with my wife and kids, and I didn’t have to live with the old man. I heard that the introduction of the property market in Xiamen new deal, my family and I are very concerned about." Beijing exhibition organizing committee secretary general Zheng Xiangdong said, because the purchase of Beijing has not been completely abolished, and prices are high, the choice of people in different places Beijing gradually increased. Some Beijing families choose to purchase pension holiday homes in the field, in Hainan, Yunnan and other regions are mostly in these areas has a unique natural environment, climate and Beijing contrast, Beijing winter temperature is low, the haze more, while Hainan, Yunnan winter temperature is suitable, suitable for winter can be maintained at 20 degrees Celsius; choose some family home in Beijing area around Beijing, Beijing area development and living facilities will further enhance. Beijing home buyers prefer 1 million yuan of small and medium Huxing property." In addition to the pension, vacation and investment purposes for home buyers, many people in Beijing because of their home in the field, and will choose to buy a home in the field. They choose different home city is more dispersed, most of the two or three line city. This kind of urban housing prices and Beijing relatively low, so the cost is not too high." Sohu focus Beijing real estate news editor Wang Shengwei said. Xiamen, Wuhan, the introduction of the new deal Beijing new home buyers to pay attention to the property market policies. This is the unanimous view expressed by a number of industry experts. Recently, there are many new property market regulation. The last day of August, the first restart Xiamen restriction order, followed by Wuhan also announced the loan limit order". Prior to this, the rapid rise in house prices, the property market is hot, the second city Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei, has been stuck on the "inhibition". In August 31st this year, the Xiamen land and resources and the Housing Authority announced that since the implementation of housing purchase policy since September 5th, the following three categories相关的主题文章:

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