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Samsung official: Galaxy S7 support waterproof and stronger night shot – Sohu technology, although Galaxy S7 has been repeatedly exposed to us, so that its shape, parameters we already know, but for the official information given, we are still holding awe attitude. Samsung issued a total of 4 posters, indicating the 4 characteristics of Galaxy S7. Encounter temptation, the radian of the Galaxy S7 corner shown on this poster, is showing the arc design of the Galaxy S7, the cobblestone shape. The hassle free exploration, the bubbles in this Samsung poster and the radian of Galaxy S7 are clearly saying that Galaxy S7 has waterproof properties. Know, in the Samsung Galaxy series, only Galaxy S5 generation in all versions are equipped with waterproof performance, and its thick plastic frame and plastic materials are criticized, this S7 waterproof more worth looking forward to. The best privacy experience, this poster on the key port and English slogan it is stated in the privacy and security of the system, a method of increasing the security of the system is one of the few, the market is the most intelligent mobile phone is realized through hidden interface and dual system, I do not know how to make a fuss of the samsung. To bring light to the night, the camera in the picture, and the slogan that still does not cover, simply violence tells us that this generation Galaxy S7 will have stronger night shots than the previous generation. You know, camera Galaxy S6 series mobile phone camera has reached a peak level, while the Galaxy S7 is equipped with 12 million pixel camera is likely through the double anti shake (lens Fangdou + body image stabilization), bottom sensor, super night shot algorithm night shot ability to further enhance.

三星官方:Galaxy S7支持防水以及更强的夜拍-搜狐科技   虽然Galaxy S7曾被我们多次曝光,以至于它的造型、参数我们都已经知道,但是对于官方给出的信息,我们依旧抱着敬畏的态度。三星此次一共发出4张宣传海报,预示着Galaxy S7的4大特点。   相遇诱惑,这张海报上展示的Galaxy S7边角的弧度是在昭示这Galaxy S7的弧形设计,鹅卵石造型。   无烦恼的探索,这张三星海报中的水泡以及Galaxy S7的弧度很显然是说Galaxy S7具有防水特性。悉知,在三星Galaxy系列中,仅有Galaxy S5一代在所有版本都配备防水性能,而其粗厚的边框以及塑料的材质都让人诟病,这次的S7防水更值得期待。   最好的隐私体验,这张海报上的钥匙口以及英文标语正是在说系统的隐私以及安全性,而增加系统安全性的方法为数不多,市面上多数智能手机是通过隐藏界面以及双系统实现,不知三星这次如何大做文章。   为黑夜带来光明,图中的摄像头以及还不遮掩的标语,简单暴力的告诉我们,这代Galaxy S7会拥有比上一代更强的夜拍。悉知,Galaxy S6系列的拍照已经达到了手机拍照的巅峰水准,而这次Galaxy S7搭载的1200万像素摄像头很可能是通过双层防抖(镜头防抖+机身防抖)、大底传感器、超强夜拍算法实现夜拍能力的进一步提升。相关的主题文章:

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