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Scheduled underwater hotel guest room? The designers of the future luxury underwater hotel, "the planet ocean underwater hotel", have listed a number of candidate sites, including Hawaii and the bahamas. The imagination of the underwater hotel contains 12 rooms. It will be the first fully functional underwater hotel in the world with a well sealed elevator. It’s an ambitious project, and its design and construction is expected to cost 20 million dollars. Sina Technology Beijing February 2nd news, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that travel enthusiasts may soon be scheduled to underwater hotel guest room, experience a sense of the future of the marine life. At present, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has obtained the license of the U. S. patent and Trademark Office, and will become the world’s first underwater hotel. According to the introduction, Egypt, Malaysia, Hawaii and the Bahamas are some of the hotel’s favorite hotel site selection. It’s an ambitious plan, and the designer will create a luxury hotel in the clear blue water. Customers can enjoy all kinds of amazing ocean creatures in a panoramic view from 8.5 meters deep underwater. Under the patent protection, the designers hope that the hotel has complete functions, including sealed elevators, and so on, so as to attract tourists from all over the world. "I would describe it as in space travel, the new industry will be extended to the sea front," Hotel designer Tony Webb (Tony Webb) said, "at the same time, we also have a charity goal, is through the artificial reefs to promote the recovery of the world’s endangered coral reefs." Now, the designer has chosen a place to build a single hotel for testing purposes. Once the license is issued, it can be started immediately. Technically, the underwater hotel can be classified as a ship, because it can use electromechanical propulsion technology to move in the sea, which means that when the hurricane and other bad weather, the hotel can go through its own energy to a safe location. Interested buyers can subscribe to a unit of the planet ocean underwater hotel for $3 million and place it at an approved Caribbean island anchorage. The entire hotel will contain 12 rooms, and the total cost of design and construction will be more than $20 million. (Ren Tian)

预定水下酒店客房?未来豪华水下酒店拟开建 “行星海洋水下酒店”的设计者已经列出了一些候选的建造地点,包括夏威夷和巴哈马。   水下酒店的想象图,包含有12个房间。这将是世界上第一个功能完备的水下高档酒店,具有一个密封性良好的电梯。 这是一个雄心勃勃的项目,其设计和建造预计将耗费2000万美元。   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月2日消息,据英国《每日邮报》报道,旅游爱好者或许很快就能预定到水下酒店的客房,体验充满未来感的海洋生活。   目前,“行星海洋水下酒店”(Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel)已经获得了美国专利与商标局的许可,将成为世界上第一家水下酒店。据介绍,埃及、马来西亚、夏威夷和巴哈马是设计者最喜爱的一些酒店选址。   这是一项雄心勃勃的计划,设计者将在清澈湛蓝的海水中打造一个奢华的酒店。顾客们可以在8.5米深的水下,以全景的视角欣赏各种令人惊叹的海洋生物。在专利保护之下,设计者希望这家酒店具有完备的功能,包括密封性很强的电梯等,从而吸引世界各地的旅游者。   “我将它比喻成内太空旅游,这项新产业即将扩展到海洋的前沿,” 酒店设计者托尼・韦伯(Tony Webb)说,“与此同时,我们还有一个慈善的目标,就是通过人工珊瑚礁来促进世界濒危珊瑚礁的恢复。”   目前,设计者已经选好了一处地点,用于建造一个测试用的单体酒店。一旦许可证发下来,就可以马上开工。在技术上,这家水下酒店可以归为一艘船,因为它能利用机电推进技术在海水中移动,这意味着当遇到飓风等恶劣天气时,这家酒店能通过自身的能源前往安全的位置。   有兴趣的购买者可以用300万美元订购“行星海洋水下酒店”的一个单元,并将其放置在某个获得批准的加勒比海岛屿停泊点上。整个酒店将包含12个房间,设计和建造的总造价将达到2000万美元以上。(任天)相关的主题文章:

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