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"National food" fear of being abandoned by consumers in Siju Sohu finance was once known as the "national food" instant noodles in disfavor embarrassment. In the past, it was enveloped by the halo of all the people’s food, and now it was gradually abandoned by consumers. Data show that China’s instant noodle industry has been declining for fourth consecutive years. However, this is not the most pessimistic situation! "Sales decline, reduce enterprises, instant noodles really can not do?"" Cold noodle market is directly reflected in the production and sales of data, easy financial reading, China convenience food Congress data show that last year, the total output of instant noodles 36 billion 249 million copies, down 8.54% over the previous year; sales of 49 billion 91 million yuan, down 6.75% over the previous year. In addition to the decline in production and sales, the number of instant noodle companies are also decreasing. The "Beijing daily" reported that the Longtan food Limited Liability Company chairman Cheng Yunkai introduced, in 90s, instant noodles brand in Beijing reached a maximum of 32, now is a dragon There remained but a single one. other brands, have disappeared. "What is the end of the market?" what caused the dilemma of instant noodles selling? There are many reasons. The upgrading of consumption concept is undoubtedly the most cited reason. With the development of China’s economy, the huge middle class income has increased, has been not satisfied with the basic needs of life, consumption upgrades also occur quietly. For many years, instant noodles continue to taste single, while consumers’ tastes have changed. In addition, more and more instant noodles instead of instant noodles appear, can instant noodles still be popular? And the loss of demographic dividend is also a major reason, leading to the reduction of total consumption demand. Health is also a big problem of instant noodles sales. Although some experts recently name the instant noodles, they say instant noodles are not junk food. But it seems to be ingrained in the minds of consumers. How to regain the hearts of consumers, instant noodles enterprises still have a long way to go. Japanese Economic News reported that not only China’s instant noodles market situation is not ideal, the whole Asian market seems to be not optimistic. According to the world Ramen Association, the instant noodles demand in Thailand in 2015 was 3 billion 70 million packs, which was basically the same as that of last year. Indonesia, Vietnam and China have been experiencing negative growth for two consecutive years. Asia (19 countries and regions), the overall package of 82 billion 200 million, a decrease of 7%, a decrease for two consecutive years. Japan’s economic news reported that the Asian instant noodle market has reached its limit, and now the major manufacturers compete in the new field. Therefore, more and more consumers do not conform to consumer habits will be eliminated by the market, instant noodles enterprises have been forced to "cliff", to meet consumer demand, to win the market. (text data from the media public report)

“国民食品”被消费者抛弃 恐陷入死局-搜狐财经   曾一度被称为“国民食品”的方便面陷入了失宠的尴尬境地。过去被全民食品的光环笼罩,如今也逐渐被消费者“抛弃”了。数据显示,中国方便面产业已经连续第四年下滑。然而这并不是最悲观的现状!   “销量下降、企业减少,方便面真的不行了?”   方便面市场遇冷最直接体现在产销量的数据上,易读财经查阅,中国方便食品大会的数据显示,去年国内方便面总产量362.49亿份,较上年下跌8.54%;销售额490.91亿元,较上年下跌6.75%。   除了产销量下滑以外,方便面企业数量也在减少。《北京日报》报道,龙潭食品责任有限公司董事长程云凯介绍,上世纪90年代,北京的方便面品牌最多时达到32家,如今龙潭是硕果仅存的一家,其他品牌陆续消失了。   “市场是否走到尽头”   是什么造成了如今方便面卖不动的窘境?存在着诸多原因。消费观念升级无疑是被提到最多的原因。随着中国经济的发展,庞大的中产阶级收入大增,已不满足于基本的生活需求,消费升级也悄然发生。方便面多年来持续口味单一,而消费者的口味却发生了变化。此外,越来越多的取代方便面的休闲食品出现,方便面还能卖座吗?而“人口红利”丧失也是一大原因,导致消费总需求在降低。健康也是方便面销售的一大问题,尽管近日有专家为方便面正名,称方便面并不是垃圾食品。但似乎在消费者心中这个意识已根深蒂固。如何才能重新获得消费者芳心,方便面企业还有很长的路要走。   《日本经济新闻》报道截图   不仅中国方便面市场情况不理想,整个亚洲市场似乎也不乐观。根据世界拉面协会介绍,2015年泰国方便面需求为30.7亿包,与上年基本持平。印度尼西亚、越南和中国连续两年出现负增长。亚洲(19个国家和地区)整体为822亿包,同比减少7%,连续两年出现减少。《日本经济新闻》报道指出,亚洲方便面市场已经走到了极限,目前各大厂商竞相在新领域竞争。   因此,越来越多不符合消费者习惯的消费品会被市场淘汰,方便面企业已被逼到“悬崖”,能够满足消费者需求,才能够赢得市场。   (文内数据来源自媒体公开报道)相关的主题文章:

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