Plastics focus on doing more in March 失身王妃

March – the opportunity to do more on plastic reporter Ma Shuang since 2016, the domestic plastics futures continue overall upward trend shocks since late November last year. However, recently, the disk showed obvious adjustment pressure. As of yesterday’s close, the plastics futures main 1605 contract closed at 8780 yuan, down 50 yuan ton or 0.57%. Analysts believe that the current petrochemical enterprises inventory pressure is not reduced, part of the factory prices continue to cut down, the market fell with the decline. At present, the downstream is in the initial stage of production, the overall operating rate is low, the supply capacity of digestion is poor, making the plastic price trend pressure. However, as the market continues to normal production, will support the formation of the PE market. In terms of spot prices, the market prices rose somewhat yesterday, and prices rose linearly in the major regions. Linear futures opened higher volatility, giving good support to the market, accompanied by slightly higher business reported. But there is no obvious change in terminal demand, wait-and-see mood is more concentrated, on-demand procurement is the main. "At present, the key factors affecting the trend of plastic futures price include crude oil price trend and domestic policy, petrochemical enterprise raw material inventory and downstream after the Lantern Festival progress." Guoxin futures analyst He Wei analysis thinks. From the basic point of view, the overall situation of the plastic market is still weak. "Domestic policy warm air blowing, risk appetite slightly repaired, but the international oil prices fluctuate, the external factors of the market is difficult to form unilateral resonance.". In addition, after the postganglionic downstream return to work slowly, raw materials outside the mining shortage, plastic spot trading weak, petrochemical was forced to reduce prices to inventory, aggravating terminal wait-and-see mentality, and the futures premium structure also inhibit the market upward." He Wei believes that the short-term plastic price adjustment pressures still exist, to the inventory schedule will dominate the market rhythm, may be concerned about the March agricultural demand release long opportunity. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

塑料关注3月份做多机会   □本报记者 马爽   2016年以来,国内塑料期货整体延续去年11月下旬以来的震荡上行态势。不过,近日盘面呈现出明显调整压力。截至昨日收盘,塑料期货主力1605合约收报8780元 吨,跌50元 吨或0.57%。   分析人士认为,目前石化企业库存压力不减,部分继续下调出厂价格,市场跟跌走软。当前下游处于开工生产初级阶段,开工率整体偏低,货源消化能力欠佳,令塑料期价走势承压。不过随着后市陆续正常生产,将对PE市场形成支撑。   现货方面,昨日市场价格部分走高,各大区线性价格上涨。线性期货高开震荡,给予市场利好支撑,商家随行小幅高报。但终端需求无明显变化,观望情绪较浓,按需采购为主。   “目前来看,影响塑料期价走势的关键因素主要包括原油价格走势及国内政策、石化企业原料库存以及元宵节后下游复工进度。”国信期货分析师贺维分析认为。   从基本面来看,目前塑料市场整体情况仍偏弱。“国内政策暖风频吹,风险偏好略有修复,但国际油价起伏不定,市场外部因素难以形成单边共振。此外,节后下游复工迟缓,原料外采不足,塑料现货成交疲软,石化被迫降价去库存,加重终端观望心态,而期货升水结构亦抑制市场上行。”贺维认为,短期塑料期价仍存在调整压力,去库存进度将主导行情节奏,可关注3月农膜需求释放的多头机会。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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