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Lisa Park Shin Hye Xiuying graduation also star studded Sohu BNT news and a year after graduation, graduation this year the stars become the hot topic recently. Korean universities, high schools, junior high school graduation ceremony was held. In February 15th at the Centre College graduation ceremony, unveiled, SNSD’s SooYoung Lisa and actor Park Shin Hye triggered public onlookers. How do stars appear on this special day? Here is your analysis, You Li, Park Shin Hye SooYoung’s graduation season fashion. The stars of the graduation season are capable of "black line" SooYoung and Lisa although with black clothing, but the style is slightly different. Xiuying wore a black suit on a white shirt, and the whole shape was very capable. In order to reduce the seriousness of clothing, she showed a pair of legs, with light colored high-heeled shoes, enhance the advantages of ascension. Lisa dressed in crisp black dress with a white shirt, black stockings with white coat, good digestion and formal modelling whole, dress more close, highlighting the curve of beauty itself. Park Shin Hye chose light pink shirt and jeans match, rich female college students’ pure charm. With black long clothes and white high-heeled shoes, there is no extra decoration, leg curves are pulled up, showing the perfect proportion of the body. The stars of the graduation season makeup, graduation season is not suitable for pure natural makeup makeup, with natural and fresh pink makeup is appropriate. Xiuying and Lisa that flawless skin is clean beauty makeup part key, need to pay attention to the concealer and give the skin luster. Park Shin Hye’s skin is moist feeling full, pink lips by highlighting the pure charm, show the perfect graduation season beauty. The graduation beauty TIP. stars, how do we build STEP 1 skin care for facial makeup before, by building a strong moisturizing facial skin base layer. Smearing too much skin care products is likely to lead to facial makeup problems. The use of this kind of refreshing, suet cream skin deep moisturizing moisturizing cream, you can easily achieve the perfect skin care. STEP 2 silky makeup to create a moisture rich natural Shuiguang muscle, need to use liquid foundation products. Then with a sponge or puff smear liquid foundation for fully covering the face with thin, black rim of the eye concealer. With high optical products in the T area and forehead, chin and other parts of the overall presentation to brilliance, three-dimensional natural Shuiguang muscle. STEP 3 color key color highlights the vivid beauty makeup. In order to give the skin a good complexion and moving luster, it may be used to dye lips liquid smearing lips. When painting can be completely painted lips, also after the smear on the lips to smear out, then bite lips a natural face. 01 sets of pure lanolin cream (KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM berry) get wool ester natural ingredient in natural lamb body, no stimulation to skin, refreshing texture, refreshing moisturizing cream can achieve comprehensive skin care. The product contains 8 berry ingredients called synthetic vitamins, without s

朴信惠秀英侑莉 毕业典礼也星光熠熠-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 又到一年毕业时,今年毕业的明星们成为最近的火热话题。   韩国大学、高中、初中的毕业典礼陆续举行。在2月15日举行的中央大学毕业典礼上,少女时代秀英、侑莉及演员朴信惠的亮相引发大众围观。   明星们以怎样的姿态出现在这个特别的日子里呢?下面就为你分析秀英、侑莉、朴信惠的毕业季时尚。   明星们的毕业季时尚,干练“黑色系”      秀英和侑莉虽同着黑色服装,但风格稍有不同。秀英在纯白衬衫上套上黑色套装,整体造型非常干练。为了减少服装的严肃感,她露出一双美腿,配以浅色高跟鞋,升高优势得到提升。   侑莉身着清爽的黑色连衣裙,露出白色衬衣领口,黑色丝袜配以白色大衣,很好地消化了整体的正式造型,连衣裙较为贴身,凸显自身的曲线美。   朴信惠选择了淡粉色衬衣与牛仔裤相配,富有女大学生的清纯魅力。加上黑色长大衣与白色高跟鞋,整体没有多余的装饰,腿部曲线得到拉升,显现身材完美比例。   明星们的毕业季妆容,自然清纯      毕业季妆容不适合浓妆艳抹,以自然清新的粉嫩妆容为宜。   秀英和侑莉那样的无瑕干净肌肤是美妆重点,底妆部分需要注重遮瑕与赋予肌肤光泽。朴信惠的肌肤则水润感十足,通过粉色唇妆突显了清纯魅力,展现了完美的毕业季美妆。   TIP. 明星们的毕业式美妆,我们如何打造      STEP 1 护肤   在为面部上妆之前,通过基础护肤为面部构建强大保湿层。涂抹过多护肤品很可能导致面部出现掉妆问题。使用羊油面霜这类清爽、为肌肤深处保湿的补水面霜,就可以轻松实现完美护肤。   STEP 2 丝滑底妆   为了打造富含水分的自然水光肌,需要使用粉底液产品。用海绵或粉扑为全面部轻薄涂抹粉底液之后,用遮瑕膏遮盖面部黑眼圈。在T字区和额头、下巴等需要光彩的部位涂抹高光产品,整体呈现立体的自然水光肌。   STEP 3 色彩重点   色彩重点凸显生动美妆。为了赋予肌肤好气色及动人光泽,不妨使用染色唇液涂抹双唇。涂抹时可以完全涂满唇部,也可以在唇中涂抹之后,向外涂抹,通过咬唇妆呈现自然面容。      01 集纯羊毛脂浆果乳霜(KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM) 在天然羊羔身上获取天然的羊毛酯成分,对肌肤没有刺激,质地清爽,是可以实现综合性护肤的清爽型补水面霜。产品内含被称为综合维他命的8种浆果成分,可无刺激地为肌肤提供保湿、营养、美白、抗氧化等多效护理。上妆前使用,可以在面部构成强大保湿层。   02 乔治阿玛尼(GIORGIO ARMANI) MAESTRO GLOW NOURISHING FUSION MAKEUP内含精油成分,是可以展现自然光彩美肌的粉底产品,有效呈现丝滑、光泽、无瑕的美丽肌底。   03 迪奥(Dior) DIORSKIN STAR CONCEALER提亮眼周肌肤、具有嫩滑肌肤功效的遮瑕产品,可以大大改善黑眼圈问题。   04 罗拉玛斯亚(laura mercier) Satin Highlighter赋予肌肤自然光彩的面霜质地高光产品,散发高级光感,可以赋予肌肤各处隐约光彩,打造立体面容。   05 贝玲妃(benefit) chacha tint适合各类肤色的樱桃红染色口红,通过鲜亮唇色提升面部整体血色。   郑有珍 张春蕾 文 LAMY CATALINA GEO,GIORGIO ARMANI 乔治阿玛尼,Dior 迪奥,laura mercier 罗拉玛斯亚,benefit 贝玲妃,bnt新闻DB   bnt新闻投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章:

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