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G20 Shanghai conference or focus on the financial security network security issues – global financial Sohu, according to foreign media reports, informed officials, how to strengthen the safety net of the global financial system will be discussed in the group of twenty finance ministers meeting in Shanghai this week. Coincidentally, in the recently released national Ministry of science and technology of the batch of national key R & D plan key projects, network security and public security prevention and control and other related information security, public safety special finalists, visible to all areas of global security related stock movements control gateway is to strengthen attention. G20 members will seek to improve the financial security network security network industry development or speed according to foreign media reports, the meeting has not yet been made public by the unidentified informed officials said, to discuss topics will include how to coordinate the foreign exchange reserves, regional emergency financing agreement, central bank swap lines and the International Monetary Fund and other resources available to deal with any possible economic crisis. This year, the global stock market sell-off and currencies volatility rose sharply, caused many of the major economies to strengthen policy coordination to market on the February 26-27 meeting in Shanghai is also increasing attention. Although the former officials believe that the countries to take joint action to deal with the possibility of market turmoil is very small, but the trend is expected to continue development, help to achieve some small agreement, especially to help non developed economies. Informed sources also said that the continued outflow of funds in emerging countries under the background of the group of twenty officials will also discuss the response to the sharp volatility of capital flows and strengthen the bonds of collective action to avoid a disorderly default IMF and reform measures. The International Financial Association estimates that only $3 billion 600 million has gone out of emerging markets in January alone, lasting for a record 7 months. Although the security network has existed, the structure is different. In Asia, in addition to the foreign exchange reserves and the development bank may provide assistance, some countries can also start the "Chiang Mai agreement" — the pool of foreign exchange reserves Chinese, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries, to create effective 2010. In addition, China has signed RMB swap agreements with several countries. The national key special involving a number of Public Security Internet Security Law hope to accelerate the introduction of nano science and technology, since the publication of high performance extreme as the 2 batch of national key R & D plan after the day before, the Ministry of science and technology, once again announced the third batch of 6 national development plan key projects, including public safety risk prevention and emergency technical equipment special, before the announcement the second batch of special, special columns in cyberspace. According to the Economic Information Daily reported, "key research and development plan", will bring related industries leap forward development. Taking Cyberspace Security as an example, network security has become a part of national security, with the security of cyberspace becoming the focus of attention all over the world. As early as 2007, approved by the Ministry of education, the establishment of the University Information Security Professional Teaching steering committee. Last year, "Cyberspace Security" officially approved to become a national discipline." In this regard, insiders said. He said that China’s first "Internet Security Law" is expected to accelerate the introduction of the order

G20上海会议或聚焦金融安全 网络安全成全球议题-搜狐财经   据外媒报道,知情官员透露,二十国集团的财长本周在上海会晤期间将讨论如何加强全球金融体系的安全网。无独有偶,在近期国家科技部公布的三批国家重点研发计划重点专项中,网络安全和公共安全防控等多项涉及信息安全、公共安全的专项入围,可见,全球对于各个领域安全 相关公司股票走势 防控网关注度正在加强。   G20成员国将探讨改善金融安全网络 安全网络业发展或提速   据外媒透露,以会议安排尚未公开为由不愿透露身份的知情官员们称,待讨论的议题将包括如何协调各国外汇储备、区域性应急融资协议、央行互换额度及国际货币基金组织等现成资源来应对任何可能发生的经济危机。   今年来全球股市遭遇抛售且汇市波动急剧上升,引发了多方对各大经济体加强政策协调的呼吁,市场对2月26-27日上海会议的关注度也在加大。尽管前官员们认为各国采取联合行动应对市场动荡的可能性很小,然而这种趋势有望继续发展,有助于达成一些小型协议,尤能帮助非发达经济体。   知情人士还表示,在资金持续流出新兴国家的背景下,二十国集团的官员们还将探讨应对资本流动急剧波动和加强避免债券无序违约集体行动的措施以及IMF改革等措施。   国际金融协会预计,仅1月份就有36亿美元流出新兴市场,持续时间达到了创纪录的7个月。尽管安全网络业已存在,但结构各异。在亚洲,除了各国外汇储备和开发银行可能提供的援助外,一些国家还可以启动“清迈协议”–这个由中国、日本、韩国及东南亚十国创建、2010年生效的外汇储备资金池。此外,中国还和多个国家签订了人民币互换协议。   多项国家重点专项涉及公共安全 互联网安全法望加速出台   自公布纳米科技、高性能极端等2批国家重点研发计划专项后,日前,科技部再度公布第三批6项国家重点研发计划重点专项,其中包括公共安全风险防控与应急技术装备专项,在之前公布的第二批专项中,网络空间安全专项在列。   据经济参考报报道,“重点研发计划的出炉,必将带来相关行业跨越式发展。以网络空间安全为例,随着网络空间安全问题成为全世界关注的热点,网络安全已经成为国家安全的一部分。早在2007年经教育部门批准,成立了高等学校信息安全类专业教学指导委员会。而去年‘网络空间安全’正式获批成为国家一级学科。”对此,有业内人士表示。他透露,中国首部《互联网安全法》有望加速出台,目前《网络安全法草案》已通过全国人大审议并完成公开征求意见,根据我国立法的三审制度,两会期间有望迎来第二次审议。   银河证券分析师表示,网络强国战略将是十三五规划的重要组成部分,核心是网络安全。另外,《网络安全法(草案)》两会期间有望迎来二审,目前窗口期已经打开。A股中蓝盾股份、绿盟科技、启明星辰等上市公司,涉及网络安全相关业务。(中国证券网)相关的主题文章:

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