IBM斥资26亿收购健康数据公司TruvenHealth-搜狐科技      搜狐科技 文 王雪莹   2月19日据外媒消息称 白莲花滚粗

IBM spent $2 billion 600 million acquisition of health data TruvenHealth- science and technology science and technology Sohu Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying in February 19th according to foreign media news, IBM announced that it will spend $2 billion 600 million acquisition of medical data and health data company Truven Health Analytics. The transaction is expected to be completed later this year, and it has become the fourth health care provider to be bought in IBM in a year. It is understood that Truven Health Analytics is a type of Holding Company, for more than 8500 healthcare customers provide cloud synchronization service based on data management and analysis services, including federal and state government agencies, hospitals and insurance companies and other large organizational structure are their customers. For the current acquisition, IBM said that the transaction will help reduce the overall cost of care, help improve medical care, but also help improve operational efficiency. In fact, this is the largest mergers and acquisitions of IBM in the last three years under the leadership of CEO Ginni Rometty. For Ginni Rometty, the investment data technology, especially for the Watson Health business, has an important share of IBM. As we all know, Watson deep learning technology uses machine learning algorithm to provide predictive analysis services for customers, and only with more and more comprehensive data, this algorithm can better highlight their advantages. "In the healthcare industry, most of the data are facing the problem of" data IBM Watson Health different library director Deborah DiSanzo pointed out that IBM should do is to integrate and make it popular, "so that no matter IBM or our partners, can be the basis of this, and then carry out the follow-up medical health care solutions".

IBM斥资26亿收购健康数据公司TruvenHealth-搜狐科技      搜狐科技 文 王雪莹   2月19日据外媒消息称,IBM宣布将斥资26亿美元收购医疗数据与健康数据公司Truven Health Analytics。本轮交易预计将于今年晚些时候完成,而这也成为IBM一年时间里收购的第四家医疗健康服务商。   据了解,Truven Health Analytics是一家封闭型的持股公司,主要面向8500余名医疗保健客户提供基于云端同步的数据管理和分析服务服务,包括美国联邦和州政府机构、医院和保险公司等众多大型组织机构均是其客户。   对于本轮收购,IBM方面表示,交易将有助于降低整体医疗成本,帮助其改善医疗护理水平,同时也有助于提高运营效率。事实上,这也是IBM在CEO Ginni Rometty领导下所进行的近三年来规模最大的一桩并购。对于Ginni Rometty来说,投资数据技术,尤其是对Watson Health业务,对于IBM来说有着重要的占率意义。众所周知,Watson深度学习技术利用机器学习算法为客户提供预测分析服务,而只有拥有更多、更全面的数据,这种算法才能更好地突出自己的优势。   “在医疗保健行业中,多数数据都面临数据不同库的问题”   IBM Watson Health部负责人Deborah DiSanzo指出,IBM要做的就是整合并使其大众化,“这样一来不管是IBM还是我们的合作伙伴,都能以此为基础,进而再开展后续的医疗保健解决方案”。相关的主题文章:

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