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Marketing Welcome to the overview of administration section of deal of the day site. The deal of the day aggregator site allows you to crack deal from across the internet and present them to your customer in one convenient location and will do some high level review to some of the key feature from admin site which get you up and running quickly. Lets get started. Once you logged in to the admin portion of your site, you are presented with the dash board. This is the functionality you are going to overview today. Everything available by the main dash board is also available in by the top menu bar. Deal of the day site is template driven which allows you a very simple configuration. On template Setting page you can configure the header logo, the footer logo, and also specify your social media icons. The Adsense blocks configuration pages, where you can specify any sort of banner, advertisement or type of blog advertisement which you may want to specify in your site for additional revenues. . Google add sense blog, traditional banner adds, copy right notes and more can all be configured here. Creating well defined category is one of your keys to leash marketing. In category page you were create, configure, manage the category that is deals and sorted into with in your cities. The manage deal page looks after two ends of your marketing process. The first is the finding those site that are cantering deals to your site and the second part helps you manage those affiliates that are driving your traffic to. Now here from the dash board is one the most powerful features for administration site. This is where you can add content , you can add single pages to file there type, to find the status and weather it is promoted or not and weather you want to edit or delete the pages. There also the search functionality is included. Here on the settings page of the dashboard is where you can setup some of the Global primary of the site. You define the title, you can define the tagline, if you have one, and define you email contact, you can define Timezone related to GMT. For Example Eastern Standard Time would be minus 5. You are going to want your facebook URL, also your twitter account is defined here as well. The SEO or search engine optimization configuration parameters are here in the Meta Settings. This is where you define the parameters for Robots. The Keywords that will help you to find your site and overall description of your site and Google Analytics allows you to manage traffics. Once your site is live, you probably have collected the number of user name and E-Mail addresses. This page will allows you to export that information which you might use for other marketing approach to drive even more traffic to your deal of the day Aggregator site. Thanks for taking a moment to see this Article for Overview of Administration Section. The deal of the day Aggregator is another successful product for of the number 1 daily deal software architect, which also pronounce as Daily Deal Builder. Design to aggregate all the best deal offers throughout the internet and bring it in to one place, so you can drive traffic through your affiliates and her revenue. About the Author: HC Consulting Group is a software development, consulting and internet marketing company specializing in the online deployment of business solutions. Started in 2008, the HC team has grown into a global business with various information and software products that assist in growing internet businesses. HC Consulting Group?s core values reside in customer service, quality products and results driven consulting . For additional information about HC Consulting and their services visit the company we Article Published On: – Marketing 相关的主题文章:

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