The answer lies in the fact that there is a certain cord that has been struck in the consciousness of people. And what may that be 青纱帐边的女人

Home-and-Family It is sometimes popular trends that influence the choice of baby names, and it could be an interesting study. Along with this, there are some names that seem to transcend fads and trends and remain the favourite choice of several generations. Regional appeal seems to apply to some names while others, on the other hand, enjoy more universal preference. But the defining feature is that almost everyone seems to fancy them, and when occasion arises, everyone seems to select one such name for their baby. Turning back to baby’s forename popularity trends, we encounter some names that prove popular for one generation or so, before their popularity wanes. Then we encounter others whose popularity seems to hold over time. Those are the baby names that our parents received from our grandparents, the same ones that our own parents gave us, and the very same ones we tend to give our children. "Ordinary", therefore, is what we consider those names to be. Here, we are looking at a name such as Mary for girls and Peter for boys. These are simple names, but they are popular. You take any sample of people in some cities, and as long as it is a random sample, you know that you will definitely have some Marys and some Peters. It is almost a guaranteed thing. Such names wouldn’t be particularly remarkable, were it not for the fact that there are other names which also qualify to be termed as popular baby’s forenames, but whose popularity seems to be temporary. Names that become popular because of current trends will surely, in ten years or less, be out of trend. That is how we end up with a situation where, in some places, many girls (now elderly ladies) born in the 1950s were named Magdalene, at a time when that was a popular name. Yet, in many of those places today, that same name would be considered ‘odd’ and ‘old fashioned.’ The question then is, why have names like Peter and Mary survived trends and fads while others have not? The answer lies in the fact that there is a certain cord that has been struck in the consciousness of people. And what may that be? It’s a narrative that, in its simplicity, has gained wide popularity. Needless to say, the story in question has main characters that are endowed with certain qualities that ordinary people can relate to or would like to possess. This, then, is the main factor that leads to their names’ popularity. When a society gets Christianized or is converted, the members of that society adapt names that are central Christian figures, thus, Peter and Mary are the top choices. This tendency leads to their ‘ordinary’ status. It is logical that the more these two ‘ordinary’ names are chosen by people, the more popular they become and the more they stay in people’s memory. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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