very 钓鱼溺亡索赔百万

in fact, there is nothing Bangkok attractions, so most people come to visit ~

shopping centers are concentrated in the vicinity of Siam square, take the subway to the Siam station. A subway can be seen in the Siam series of three shopping malls, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery. Paragon more orthodox, space is very large, a variety of grades have the brand, but also sell Aston, oh, Martin.

negative layer of similar high version of the food, many people are good at eating.

personally prefer center and discovery, the mall design is very interesting, a lot of fun stuff, but if only to buy things there may be nothing to buy.

from the subway station to the north there is a MBK, and Tokyo department together, are not very large, which is not good furnishings. But there are Lets MBK relax massage, there is a lively market at the door.

Siam subway station to go all the way to the Buddha are shopping malls. Zen and central world together, are super large, what brand has a lot of food, but also do not go around a day. However, the difference between store design and brand.

around the Buddha and the opposite side of the mall, are relatively small, not worth it.

around the Buddha there is also called CENTRAL EMBASSY, very, very spacious, which is a big brand, want to buy luxury can go to see.

Terminal 21 if there is time to go for a walk, the entire mall decoration like the airport, flight attendants dressed and even the front desk. Each layer of the decoration is designed according to the characteristics of the city of the country. Clothes do not have what brand are pretty good and cheap, eat a lot of places. Take BTS to Asok station.



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