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Health Those who suffer from psoriasis may think that theyre alone with the problem; but in fact, this chronic skin condition affects about two per cent of the population. This condition presents itself in the form of patches of the skin that are thick, itchy, red, and can appear raised and swollen. At times silver or white patches may form over the sores if they happen to dry out. These sores can appear on any part of the body but are most commonly found on the scalp, knees, elbows, and the lower back. Although a number of people suffer from the condition, still no single cause for the disease has been found. Heredity may play its part, however this research has been inconsistent as some whose family has never seen the disorder may get it at some point in their life; while those who have an extensive family history of psoriasis may never be affected by it. Its also believed that a persons immune system may have something to do with what causes the disorder. Because skin affected by psoriasis regenerates itself every two to three days, instead the usual 28 to 30, its thought that a simple default in the immune system could have something to do with it. While its unknown what specifically causes psoriasis, there are a few triggers that could cause the skin to break out in the red, raised patches. Infections such as strep throat and ear infections can bring on psoriasis, as can particular climates and certain medications. Its also known that if there is trauma to skin that suffers from psoriasis, this could also lead to an outbreak. Stress also plays a big part and can not only bring on a flare-up of the condition, but can also worsen an outbreak that has already started. Psoriasis outbreaks can be mild to severe and can last for just a couple of days, to indefinitely. Milder cases may find that simple home remedies take the patches, and the itchiness, away while more severe cases may need a medicated treatment such as Mazon Medicated Psoriasis Cream. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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