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UnCategorized The rules concerning the payment taxes may vary from state to state. In some cases the lump sums are not tax free and the monthly payments are, if they are used during the same month as received. However, if a senior can get the payment tax free, it offers a big help. 1. The Unexpected Extra Costs. Many seniors meet sudden extra costs, for instance when the medical bill increases, the property needs repair or they want to help their child to buy a house. The problem is that the home equity is the only asset, which they have. The monthly pension is too low and it is impossible to get any income increases. 2. The Usage Of The Home Equity. The equity in the home value means the own money in the value, which the owner has paid and which is the result of the home price inceases, i.e. value minus the dept. The reverse loan eats this value little by little. The idea is, that any costs will not pay back during the running time, but untill the borrower will sell the home, move permanently away or pass away. 3. No Income Or Credit Information Is Needed. When a borrower applies for the usual mortgage, the lender is interested about his income and credit score, because the question is, can he pay the monthly payments. With the reverse loan, this is not the case. The target is to arrange more disposable money to the senior and that is the reason, why all costs will be taken from the home selling price and nothing will be paid on a monthly basis. 4. The Rules Are Expected To Be Changed. Congress is prepairing a new law, which would decrease the maximum loan amount from $ 625.500 down to 417.000, i.e. back to 2008 level. This means a significant drop for thiose seniors, who are planning to take the maximum amount. But acting before October 2011 will solve this problem. 5. The Tax Free Feature Is Excellent, But Check The Details. In most cases the reverse mortgage payments are tax free, which offer a big help for a senior. But there are things, which you should check with an expert. What happens with your Medicaid eligibility if you will start to receive reverse mortgage payments? Shall you loose it? Are all payment types tax free? Can you do other arrangements to avoid the loss of the eligibility? Before you go on, arrange a meeting with the counselor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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