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Web-Design WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available in the world. Over half a million websites work in the wordpress platform and the numbers are increasing. From hobby bloggers to professional tech bogs, from small business websites to multinational companies the customers of wordpress are many. If you are using wordpress the advantages are countless. Let us now take a look of some of the main advantages of wordpress. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms if your blog is self hosted. Installing wordpress in your website is very easy. You dont have to be an expertise in programming or a software geek to install wordpress. Plugins are known to be the backbone of wordpress. Plugins are used to customize wordpress and with its help more and more features can be added to the website. Themes are another feature that is included in wordpress. Themes are used to improve the looks are usability of the site. There are a number of themes available for wordpress from which we can select the one which we desire. WordPress is basically based on PHP so if you are a programmer having some knowledge in PHP then customizing wordpress themes and plugins wont be a herculean job. All the people in this world go after whatever is free in the open market. Some say the things we get for free wont be of good quality. Same is the case when it comes to ecommerce. Most of the free softwares and other sources that we hold on for free from the internet have proved to turn out worthless. But, this is not the case of wordpress. No one has ever complained about anything going wrong in wordpress. That is why; it is known to be the best open source blogging platform. Not only installing of wordpress but using and management of wordpress are also easy. Web developing companies are using wordpress in a large extent because of its ease of use. The client will not be a technical expert or a programmer. If he wants to make some changes in the content of the website, say add a picture or edit address details it will be easy for him to do if the website is in wordpress. All he has to do is to edit the corresponding post or insert a picture or a video clip. The best reason for the huge popularity of wordpress is that it is SEO friendly. There are many features in wordpress that helps you to bring your fresh and unique content in the top position of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and so on. Thus, you get the deserving traffic for all your hard work. In short, if you are a blogger wordpress can be said as the ideal platform for you. WordPress is simple yet stylish. There are lots of wordpress themes available in internet all you have to do is converting your website to wordpress and install your desired theme. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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