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Business Singapore has been the very popular hub of enterprise investors worldwide and each year it continues to fascinate thousands of foreigners and companies. With this, the government has taken up several immigration policies that would farther encourage trained businessmen from abroad to setup a Singapore company. In alignment to personally organise their own businesses and strongly reside in Singapore, foreign businessmen should request for a work pass visa like the EntrePass or the Employment Pass. Employment Pass is usually handed out to foreigners who have a school degree from a well thought-of university and have comprehensive entrepreneurial abilities. Furthermore, this visa is given to foreign professionals, shareholders, managing directors, and high-ranking workers. Contrary to Employment pass, an EntrePass is a pass granted to employees who have no degree in school but compensate the absence of such through acquiring business background and skills that is helpful to make them become successful in their enterprise endeavor in Singapore. A lot of professionals believe that from the two visas– EntrePass and Employment pass, the last mentioned is most preferable since there is no obligation as to the number of employees to be chartered in the local area. Furthermore, the allowance of investments allocated only takes a $1 paid up capital. Meanwhile, it is likely for foreigners to have an enterprise and incorporate a business in Singapore without having to transfer in the country. Foreign businessmen can assign a local resident or a foreigner who has Employment Pass, EntrePass, or Dependant Pass. If for some reasons foreign businessmen don’t have a dependable contact person to appoint as a resident director, he/she can ask the company’s registration firm to provide him/her a nominee director. It is significant to note that chartering a business registration firm is a lawful obligation for foreign individuals and companies because they are prohibited to self-register their enterprise under the Singapore Companies Act. A nominee director will not be engaged in the management, operational, and financial affairs of the business but are anticipated to present the statutory obligations such as the submission of the income tax returns of the business; ensuring the correctness of the company’s declaration; and giving an accurate declaration of earnings. For the moment, it is furthermore essential for foreign businessmen to assign at least one individual preferably one of the shareholders, to perform as a director. The latter is responsible in the company administration and decision making. About the Author: Since 1998, Rikvin consultancy has been providing highly professional Singapore Company Registration , both in attractive standard packages as well as customised services. Online incorporation being a hallmark service, other services of Rikvin include Singapore Sole Proprietor Setup, Singapore Subsidiary Registration, Offshore Incorporation, EntrePass, Singapore Employment Pass, Personalised work Pass application, GST Registration, Company Incorporation, Tax Planning & Consulting, and Business Plan Drafting. Article Published On: – Business 相关的主题文章:

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