was about to hit this and Mourinho above. After the match 被蛇咬死前咬妻子 莫迪独立日讲话

Business Mourinho withe the Cheap England Football Shirts has never been accustomed to losing a coach, and as such, after the loss of the Levant, his face was annoyed expression. "Can not angry, I can not criticize my players, this game is always difficult, but the attention of our players is enough. It is very difficult to mobilize all the actors, but I can not criticize the apparently most of the players, because they have a positive attitude there are not many players playing time, and some just say goodbye to injuries, such as video goals Mateos – Real Madrid with the Spanish Teams Football Tops Handball Tieyao restricted media delivery point capture the main source explosion Titans:. Sports Sina, Fernando Gago, rice card, Gareth. Some of them are tired. January is very difficult, they also have limitations, but we know we must strive to do our best game today be missed, but the next one. you can not miss "for the game itself, the analysis of Mourinho said:" We have to fight them, but we have seen the limitations of Real Madrid in the Luo C and Dumas did not play For Australia, which did not attack the hand, Benzema, without the presence of both is true. Benzema final, not forward, because I really do not. we can not play the normal training. it seems that both sides want to fight for Level 0-0, the other The first ball is a penalty, Luis Garcia, said they needed a penalty, the penalty seems to be true because of its (Editor’s note: 1-2 Barcelona negative after January 2, coach Luis Levante – Garcia was at the press conference did not complain of the sentence, saying that "a penalty to decide the game was 0-0, when John Unruh fired into the restricted area in Barcelona, Peres refused Lhasa sanctions contract) is one of the Levante reward your golf ball to show their best side. upfront Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid with the Real Madrid Football Club Shirt face, our situation is very difficult in this area, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, Sevilla , La Liga this is a very important semi-finals and the competition no doubt. " During the break, Jose Mourinho replaced by Pepe Carvalho Levanpass unhappy that it is disrespectful for them to Ross, was about to hit this and Mourinho above. After the match, Mourinho said of Ballesteros, the behavior of a bewildered: ".. The other players yelling at me Carvalho replaced, he says we’re playing with them and I said, Carvalho played the first half, second half began Pepe. That Casillas kicking play center, is the joke. We also require respect. I do not know the man, I do not know who Ballesteros. However, I did not catch, nothing happened, "talking about the return of Kaka Mourinho was satisfied ". Kak added time of the court, which would further increase their confidence. The most important thing is the end of each game, he has a good feeling, if not the pain of the knee or groin. the next game should debut, Bernabu fans will see it again, this is the best thing. "Finally, Mourinho Levante team is in the voice abuse (Levante fans kept chanting" Death to Mourinho ") expressed discontent: "This is an issue for parents This matter should not be. I have to criticize, but if my son is like a cry, I will not leave the field to score. If my friends do, I personally blame him." As regards sanctions, Levante coach Luis Garcia with the Real Madrid Shirt Football said after the game: "I am a bit startling, if not use, give us a penalty in fact I’m still angry, because we have 6 in the league. a shame not to have, and that’s important. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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