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Arts-and-Entertainment A beautiful blushing bride. A dashingly handsome groom. Two rings symbolising a promise for a lifetime. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event symbolising the moment when two people dedicate their lives to one another. It is a day where family and friends unite to pour love and good wishes on the happy couple and support them as they begin a new stage of their lives. It is a day of joy, laughter and love that is full of memories to share forever. For any wedding, no matter how big or small, planning is absolutely essential. From the dress to the cars, the cake to the processional music, every detail must be chosen, organised and written down. Considering all of the elements that go into a wedding, not many of these elements remain after the confetti and rose petals fall. Flowers wilt, cars drive away, cakes are eaten and dresses are hung out of sight. There is, of course, one notable exception to this rule; the wedding photos. After the excitement of the day has faded, the images that capture each special moment live on and keep the memories alive. Aside from the new relationship that forms at a wedding, the photos are the most tangible reminder of the happiness that marks the joining of two lives. For this reason, it is crucial for any engaged couple to choose a photographer who possesses the experience, talent and equipment to make their wedding photographs exceptional. Each wedding is different, and only a photographer who understands each couple’s style, budget and personality can help them look their absolute best in their photos. A photographer who works will with the special couple, their guests, unexpected events and unforeseen weather can be a saviour on the big day. Murielle has years of experience shooting weddings and her extensive portfolio exhibits her boundless flair for the art of wedding photography . Using the latest equipment and a combination of talent, creativity and her bubbly personality, Murielle will work tirelessly to ensure that your wedding photos will be works of art to treasure forever. Visit .au/ and let the pictures speak for themselves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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