and is poised tocontinue to dominate in 2013. With more consumers relying on their mobile devices to provide local information 女孩光脚清下水道 二战战机修复可飞

Does Your Online Marketing Company In Atlanta Have All The Bases Covered? Posted By: avaxseo social media marketing seo firm Atlanta social media marketing Get Visual With Your Social Media Marketing This Summer Posted By: avaxseo Many social media marketers are proclaiming 2013 to be the year of visual marketing. It is easy to see why, considering the growing popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter’s Vine. Here are some interesting stats on 3 popular visual social media platforms, Intstgram, Pinterest and Vine: 1.Pinterest now has over 48 million users. 2.Instagram now has over 100 million users. 3.Vine now claims over 13 million users (in just 4 months). Additionally, several studies have shown that photos and videos resonate well with consumers and click rates climb with posts containing visual media. Big brands are taking notice: According to research recently released by Simply Measured, an analytics and reporting firm, adoption of Pinterest by Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands has grown to 69%, up 10% since November 1, 2012. With all this in mind, businesses cannot continue to ignore these new visual platforms and should incorporate them into their current social media marketing Atlanta strategies. To inspire you this summer, here are some fantastic examples of successful social media marketing campaigns on the newest visual social media platforms, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine: Instagram Nike is no newbie to Instagram with over 1.web development company atlanta social media marketing atlanta web development company atlanta Why Businesses Should Use Display Ads For Digital Marketing Posted By: avaxseo web development company atlanta social media marketing atla web development company atlanta Social Media Marketing Spring Cleaning – 8 Tips Businesses Can Use To Spruce Up Their Facebook Page Posted By: avaxseo Every business engaging in social media marketing knows the power of Facebook. According to their statistic page, Facebook boasts more than a billion monthly active users as of December 2012. Surprisingly, many businesses do not take full advantage of all that Facebook has to offer, nor to they tend to their Facebook page as they should. Here are 8 great Facebook tips to help your organization maximize the impact this popular platformcould have on your social media marketing goals for 2013. 1.Cover photo tips – Businesses should choose a striking cover photo to display. This is the first impression a customer will get of your business, so be creative here and give the customer something visually appealing to encourage "a like". Companies should change their cover photo frequently to keep the Page fresh looking and inviting.Additionally, businesses should adhere to the cover photo guidelines or risk having the photo taken down. 2.Profile photo tips – A business profile photo should be a logo or something similar identifying the brand. The profile photo displays next to all posts made on behalf of the business, so choose this image wisely.seo firm Atlanta Web Development Company Atlanta seo firm Atlanta Mobile Marketing With Location Based Marketing – 4 Lbm Case Studies Posted By: avaxseo Last week’s blog introduced Location-Based Marketing, or LBM and how it could benefit a company’s mobile marketing strategy. LBM is the concept of using GPS technology to market mobile users based on their preferences and location. According to a 2012 study by, nearly 50% of smartphone users receive offers on mobile devices based on their GPS location, but only 9% of small businesses are using location-based services. Clearly, small businesses are falling short of reaching their full potential due to, in large part, ignorance or inaction. Let’s take a look at some successful LBM campaigns thatshowcasethe benefits of this powerful mobile marketing strategy. 1.McDonald’s and FrontFlip McDonald’s Franchise Co-Owner Todd Luther decided to use FrontFlip, a customer engagement platform, to launch a LBM campaign promoting a new product. FrontFlip uses QR codes on strategically placed signs to entice customers to scan using their smartphone for a chance to win a prize. In-Store customers get free product offers and drive-thru customers get "bounce-back" codes on their receipts for a chance to win and redeem within 7 days. In the first 90 days, McDonald’s captured 3,600 FrontFlip users and saw between 1 and 1.seo firm Atlanta Web Development Company Atlanta seo firm Atlanta If Mobile Marketing In Atlanta Is Hot, Then Location-based Marketing Is On Fire! Posted By: avaxseo What is Location-based marketing and how can it help a business with their mobile marketing in Atlanta? We’re taking a look at Location-Based Marketing (LBM) but first, some benefits of mobile marketing and why businesses in Atlanta should have amobile marketing strategy in 2013. How mobile are we? Consider these recent statistics taken from a previous blog post: 1.There are 7 billion people on Earth. 5.1 billion own a cell phone. 4.2 billion own a toothbrush. (Mobile Marketing Association Asia, 2011) 2.ABI Research estimates that 1.2 billion smartphones will enter the market over the next 5 years. According to a 2012 study, 58% of consumers who have a smart phone use location-based apps. Location-based marketing article with numbers like this surrounding mobile usage, think of the untapped marketing potential walking around with the channel you need to communicate with them in hand, by their face and in their pocket nearly 18 hours a day. What is Location-Based Marketing? Location-based marketing is the concept of using GPS technology to market to mobile users based on their preferences and location. A great example is Subway’s "You Are Here" campaign.seo firm Atlanta Web Development Company Atlanta seo firm Atlanta Social Media Marketing Cases And Situations Involving Legal And Reputation Risk Posted By: avaxseo Web Development Company Atlanta Web Development Company Atlanta Why Amazon Should Be Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy In Atlanta Posted By: avaxseo Everyone knows Amazon for their wide array of consumer goods, competitive comparison pricing and global reach. The Internet giant recently revealed that the 2012 holiday season was its most successful yet, with 26.5 million items sold on Cyber Monday alone. This staggering statistic means 306 items were sold every second. While you think you know Amazon and all it has to offer you personally, do you know what it can do for your business? Imagine taking your small Atlanta business, for instance, and marketing it to the masses through a vehicle like Sound good? Amazon offers several services to help promote your business and drive traffic to your site. Take a look at how Amazon can be a part of your digital marketing Atlanta strategy in Atlanta. Market your local business on AmazonLocal AmazonLocal will market your local business with emails containing offers you want to present to local customers. Amazon capitalizes on its enormous user base to identify potential customers in your area, then sends targeted offer and pays the company for offers claimed. These offers could also be shared on social media, providing even more marketing Atlanta digital marketing consultant digital marketing Atlanta 5 Entertaining And Viral Digital Marketing Campaigns From 2012 Posted By: avaxseo social media marketing Atlanta seo firm Atlanta social media marketing Atlanta 6 Key Digital Marketing Strategiesto Launch Your Company’s Online Success In 2013 Posted By: avaxseo According to, a digital resource for chief marketing officers,2013 will be ‘The Year of The Marketer’.Staff writer, David Garner notes that with only 18% of CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) rating their digital marketing performance as excellent or good, the push is on: "There is a new drive by marketers to select digital marketing as their big new "transformational agenda." Many are planning to hire new talent to address digital marketing needs–in particular, experts in social media marketing Atlanta analytics, strategic planning, search marketing, Web analytics, data management, and customer insight." With this in mind, marketers both big and small should be assessing their current digital marketing strategies and planning to expand their digital marketing budgets for 2013. Consider these six key digital marketing tips to help bring you to the top of theSearch Engine Results Pagesin 2013. 1.Go SoLoMo Combining Social, Location and Mobile, SoLoMo was considered by many 2012’s buzzword of the year, and is poised tocontinue to dominate in 2013. With more consumers relying on their mobile devices to provide local information, apps like Yelp and Foursquare are perfect examples of media marketing Atlanta digital marketing Atlanta social media marketing Atlanta Writing A Better Blog To Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy – 5 Easy Tips Posted By: avaxseo Blogging is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Blogging can be time consuming, but the benefits are clear: Blogging improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization), enhances brand awareness, increases website traffic and helps you establish and maintain customer relationships. Hopefully our recent "Benefits Of Blogging For Business"(blog) gave you the push you needed to start blogging for your business. Now we have you blogging, let’s explore some tips on writing a better blog and touch on optimizing it for SEO. KISS – Keep It Simple AND Short Make sure your paragraphs don’t go on forever. Most people reading your blog are there for a reason and they are busy. Give them what they want in an easy to read format. 1.Use bullet points to make it easy for readers to get key points 2.User headers to grab attention 3.Use bold type to make it pleasing to the eyes of the reader "Irregardless" of your schooling, use good grammar, please We’ve all read or heard egregious grammatical errors such as "irregardless" or "supposibly" in our day-to-day marketing Atlanta SEO in Atlanta digital marketing Atlanta Why Your Business Should Have A Mobile Presence Posted By: avaxseo seo companies in atlanta search engine optimization company seo companies in atlanta 7 Tips To Effectively Optimize Your Local Google+ Page (google Places) For Seo Posted By: avaxseo SEO Atlanta digital marketing firm seo firm Atlanta SEO Atlanta 5 Tips For Using Hash Tags To Improve Your Twitter Seo Posted By: avaxseo Atlanta website design company Atlanta web design firms Atlanta website design company Web Development Company -atlanta Web Design | Atlanta, Georgia Posted By: Brian Young2 Atlanta Web Design Atlanta Web Design Atlanta Web Design – Web Development Company | Atlanta, Georgia Posted By: Brian Young1 Atlanta Web Design Atlanta Web Design 相关的主题文章:

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