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Arts-and-Entertainment The tummy is one of the most common area of the body that people want to work out these days. You can ask any women what part of the body they are most attracted to and the straight forward answer is: The Stomach. Any man wants a six pack and I am sure you aren’t any different. Below are some of the most effective ab workout routines (for both men and woman) that you can do to achieve a flat, firm and sexy abdomen. Knee Raises An effective ab routine but not for the less experienced. You will need a few attempts before performing it correctly. Get yourself a chin up bar, grab it with your hands. Try to hold you body still without swinging or rocking while you slowly bring you knees towards your abdomen at a 90 degree angle (watch your abs contraction). Do four sets of twenty reps with five minute breaks in between. Crunches Place a mat on the floor and lie down on your back with your legs straight and raise your knees a little. With your hands behind your head raise your head slowly from the mat while watching your abdominal muscles contraction. Maintain the position for 3 seconds and slowly bring your head back on the mat. Three sets of twenty reps should be done with three minutes break in between. You can do thirty reps when you get more used. Simple Knee-Ups To do this routine simply right on the side of bench and hold on to the sides. Slowly extend both legs outwards and pull the knees slowly up to your chest. Hold your knees there for 2 seconds and then repeat. Do four sets of fifteen reps with 3 minute breaks in between. These are the most effective ab workout routines that you should do at least two times a week for a flat and firm abdomen. Keep in mind that workouts should be accompanied by a proper nutrition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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