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Business In the field of medicine and health, nurses are one of the vital roles in the health and care field. They are usually made up of different types and most of them are really a very noble job and have a rewarding career. First on the list is the Registered Nurse, they work in almost all areas of health care. Their job is usually in treating patients and assisting doctors in some operations. They do monitor vital signs, support patients, giving advice to their patients, informing family members about the status of the patients and at the same time educating them about basic treatment they should do in case of emergency. Other types of nurses are Certified Nurse Assistant. They are also known as nurses aides, home health aides, home care nurses, private nurses and most of them are working in a hospitals, home nurses, private homes and home for the aged. Most of their tasks are: recording vitals like, pulse, respiration, temperature and more. They do assist patients to eat, dress and bathe. For those handicapped, they aid them to walk, making order in patients room, quick reaction on patients bell. Another type of nurse is the Licensed Practical Nurse, though they have less training compared to registered nurse, they also work on hospitals, home care centers. And most of their task is monitoring vital signs, giving injections, dressing patients and checking patients overall condition. They also make sure patients personal cleanliness. For a Critical Care Nurse, they usually work for those serious cases, especially to those ill patients in the health center and those who are injured. Most of them work on ICU which is very sensitive because patients who are in the ICU need special medical attention due to the seriousness of their illness. These are just few of the nurses, knowing that nurses are really very important in the field of health care. Their jobs are really a noble job that one can be proud of because they care for ones lives. For more information visit: How to start a nursing agency and How to start a nurse staffing agency 相关的主题文章:

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