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One of the most important things that you can understand when running an Internet business is how you define success. This can mean different things to different people, but it is important that you understand what you want for success in your online business. Let me explain what I mean by that. In affiliate marketing there is a group of people that are known as super affiliates. These are the best of the best and people who have reached the top of their field. When they join an affiliate program, they are going to be the top sales rep in that program no matter what it is. Super affiliates enjoy a high level of prestige as well as an unbelievable income. Many of them earn seven-figure incomes per year. They define their own success by how much they sell and the income that they enjoy. Other online businesses might have a lower expectation. For examples it has been said that in the United States if a family were to have an additional $200 a month in income it could be the difference between filing bankruptcy or not. If you take a person such as this and give them an online business and they achieve an income of $200 a month, they would feel very successful at what they are doing. They have achieved their goal and they would have to be classified as an online success. So what is your goal for success? Some people do not even classify their success by the amount of money that they make. Some may understand that they are making an online business successful if they quit their full-time job. Still others might want to donate to their church, put their kids thru college, finish the basement, buy a retirement home, and so on. Although it takes money to do all these things, the real success is defined by the actual achievement of the goal itself. I would submit to you that you will never have a successful online business until you define exactly what you’re looking for out of it. You need to understand why you are doing your business before you will actually be able to be successful with it. So take a minute and write down what you want for success in an online business. Write as comprehensive a list as you can, and then read it everyday. Only then will you begin to take the steps necessary to achieve that success. About the Author: Dr. Miltos Papachristos – Chemical Engineer & Phd Degree Holder By: RoxyRockStar – Miltos comes with 30 years of experience in the fuels and fuel additives industry. He has a strong technology and commercial background; he is a Chemical Engineer by training with a PhD in fuels technology from Sheffi … Tags: Get Over Yourself, You Are Programmed A Certain Way And You Need To Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – We are programmed from birth to believe a certain way and be a certain way. 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