Pregnancy After Tubal Reversal – What Are Your Chances 注射器扎幼儿屁股 张柏芝买最贵鞋子

Pregnancy Having a child is the whole reason you are considering undergoing tubal ligation reversal surgery or have already done so. Now you are looking to find out what affects pregnancy after tubal reversal. Below we will cover some different things which can affect how soon and what your probability of a successful pregnancy is given certain factors. A woman’s age – As a woman grows older the chances of her conceiving become greatly reduced even if she hasn’t had tubal ligation. However for those women that have had tubal ligation and then choose to have the operation reversed, they may find it even more difficult to conceive no matter their age. Although the chances of a woman conceiving after having the tubal ligation reversed are greatly increased the younger they are. A twenty-something woman will find her chances of conceiving after tubal reversal is about 77%. As you get older the probability drops as we stated before. A female that is between thirty-five and thirty-nine finds the probability falls to 62%. For a woman over forty, the conception rate falls even further to 34%. Now the next thing that affects your getting pregnant after tubal reversal is what happened in your original tubal ligation surgery. Did that surgeon take too much of the fallopian tubes when he did his cutting and what condition were the tubes left in. The longer the tubes were and the better condition they are in when you undergo your reversal surgery the better your chances of getting pregnant. Even at that, some women just take more time. One woman can get pregnant almost seemingly immediately while another can take five years plus. But another factor is the length of the tubes and the condition they are in. How long since the tubal ligation surgery was carried out? – Unfortunately the longer a woman waits in order to get her tubal ligation procedure reversed will greatly reduce her chances of being able to conceive easily. This is because the longer they wait the more damage will have been caused to their fallopian tubes, which in turn reduces the chances of the operation actually being successful. Something else you may have considered, or are considering, is using in vitro fertilization, or IVF, instead of undergoing the reversal surgery. Your doctor may even push this option. However, a number of studies found that women having the tubal ligation reversal are more successful in conception than those undergoing the IVF treatment. One such study from the Chapel Hill Reversal Center, where they keep excellent track of their patients, it was discovered that the women who had the tubal reversal done, instead of the IVF treatments, conceived more easily. In addition, the number of actual babies born after they became pregnant, was higher for the tubal reversal surgery than for those who underwent IVF. Even better is that the reversal surgery is done generally on an outpatient basis with only about an hour in surgery thus lowering the cost of this treatment versus the IVF treatment which can take many tries. All these items above need to be considered when you are making your decision concerning tubal ligation reversal. Keep it all in mind when you are looking at pregnancy after tubal reversal as any of the factors, or indeed all of the factors, could have an impact on your ability to conceive and have the child you are dreaming of. However, the factors affect you, this could still be your best bet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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