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Mobile-Cell-Phone Today, it is an acknowledged fact that social media platforms are some of the most effective tools for advertising and marketing a product. For a mobile application developer, generating an interest to use a new app is more important than merely creating it. A number of app developers across the world are increasingly turning to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., to showcase their new apps and reach out to a wider target audience. While this set of audience will be interested in a new mobile app, he/she will recommend the same to potential customers or clients within or outside the social network circle. This process not only helps in mobile app promotion, it also creates a name for the developers in the mobile market and ensures higher generation of revenue from the app sales. Listed below are few simple tips & tricks to how to use social media platforms for effective mobile app promotion: 1. Use a Unique Promotion Technique Your app is probably one of thousand other similar applications that have hit the mobile market in the past or simultaneously. The additional features in your app will go unnoticed if a unique technique is not adopted in its promotion. Proper presentation of the app during the marketing phase is very important to ensure its popularity & success. Developers can make viral videos explaining the utilities of the app and hire an individual or organization to attach this video with a social media channel that is widely loved & enjoyed. While releasing the viral video, it is essential to ensure that potential customers will have access to it. Exploiting the established customer base is recommended as opposed to trying to look for new audience to promote the app initially. Make sure that the video is interesting and gives viewers a basic idea about the functionalities served by the app, the app user interface, and app navigation. Apart from having good quality picture, the viral video can have a good background score and a detailed narrative enumerating how to use the application step by step. 2. Offer Incentives Presenting incentives in the form of discounts or prizes for downloading a new app is a very smart way of promoting that app among a wider customer base. This will help to generate a buzz about the app in the social media channels, with one winner recommending a friend or family member to avail the incentives while also using the new app. 3. Generate User Participation Beta testers must be deployed while marketing a new mobile app via social media channels. The beta testers conduct an online review of the newly released apps and rate them. The positive impression that is generated by the mobile app is shared in popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Anything written about the app can hence never go unnoticed; knowledge about the app spreads rapidly from one circle to another. 4. Interact on Facebook Since Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform, every app developer must maintain an account on the site and talk about the properties of every new mobile app with the global audience. 5. Tweet Constantly Twitter is looked upon as a customer feedback platform where all issues & queries are answered. Hence, use this platform to address all your app users, while also giving the latest update on the app. Tweeting constantly will help in app promotion. So it is evident how important social media platforms are for the present generation mobile app developers. Promote apps using these platforms and see the difference in their popularity level! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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