Dali, a city in Shenzhen, a small town with feelings 女子16万买内衣 瑞典火车坦克相撞

through the hills, only to find the home of the field, the fragrance of the soil. When to start, in the dead of night, my eyes closed can recall the childhood scene, and even can be interpreted to form a new scene and memory.

This is more than a year there

to Shenzhen , circle of more and more narrow, life is no longer as colorful flavor, no waves through the journey, but a small taste of the petty bourgeoisie must have short or weekend. Recall that the past few months, each trip is almost all weekend, or Hongkong, or Guangzhou, or Macao, or Zhuhai…

then, every time the journey not as did the "desert straight down the long river of the yen"; nor did experience like "where the night from the willow shore; nor had the morning breeze and the lingering moon" in the Yellow Crane Tower lamented the sad moment of my life, the infinite envy of Yangtze river". Work after the journey is more in a hurry to find amusement when the occasion arises, in Yudu did not use a slow attitude to appreciate this moment the sea the moon, the same time, even if it will not return to experience the "wild goose flies and the sunset sky" scene. In fact, I would like to go away the story, the easy to disappear, and I can meet at any time on the road, who can conclude that these slightly short weekend rush is not the baptism of the soul of the expansion and continuation.

however, finally draw a conclusion that the youth, war!


Shenzhen to the choice of more than the end of the field, if it is Shenzhen, it is said that the most common way to have two.

program one: if you idle trouble, may wish to find a tour platform around the tour, which will have to compare the end of the field, the typical one is only chartered back and forth, only the kind of fare, probably about 60 yuan. There are several places on the bus, of course, there are certainly deep North gate.

Scheme two:

free, can take the subway to get off the subway station in bamboo, Hospital Division 2 by E11 road or H92 Tourist Bus Line arrived in Dapeng central station, and then go straight to 200M in Dapeng station on the M471 to roc city off. Generally speaking is the bamboo metro station -> H92/E11-> m471.; this scheme can go, and cheapest fare, add up to 15 yuan, which lasted 2 hours.

of course, if you are in Guangzhou or around the city of Shenzhen, then you can take the car Shenzhen North Station and then take the subway election;


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