Industrial wastewater zero emissions is not a myth 19人身亡案宣判 郭晶晶小女儿首曝


"after testing, purification of the water out of the indicators are close to the natural water, harmless to the human body, but also can be recycled."

the other end of the phone, -30 degrees Celsius in Hulun Buir. North pharmaceutical wastewater treatment workshop is stepping up debugging, the company manager Yu Xiaofeng told reporters at the Ministry of environmental protection, it is because of the ultrafiltration purification system support, the largest antibiotic drug companies will be able to ensure that production in the early March.

thousands of kilometers away in Nantong economic and Technological Development Zone, smelly black pulping wastewater, are continually from the company to transport to the Water Service Company, after pretreatment, membrane filtration, evaporation and crystallization processes, into a clean and dry salt and mud recycling industry. This set of daily processing 40 thousand tons of equipment has been stable operation of more than 3 years.

it all behind, is the Nanjing University of Technology film science team to show the "zero emission" technology.

"Convention" is behind the dispute between environmental protection and development

Qidong, the Yangtze River estuary is a small town, where the three sides of the ring of water, rich in aquatic products.

5 years ago, when the construction of a wastewater discharge pipe of the message will be with Jiangsu Oji Paper Company to Qidong, generations of fishing for a living people, began to worry that the paper-making wastewater will affect the ecology and fishery breeding.

people think, paper waste water straight row of the sea, pollution of the environment, endangering the ecological, destruction of Fisheries resources. In the industry, the waste water treatment of paper pulp straight after the sea is an international practice". Prince is the world’s third largest paper company in Asia, Japan and other developed countries, the same process and treatment methods.

experts said, including papermaking industry, a number of industrial projects, although the discharge standards, but the water environment is still not small, if things go on like this will cause water overwhelmed. This is a conflict between development and protection, economic benefits and ecological benefits.

in order to help local enterprises out of the predicament, membrane science Nanjing University of Technology team led by academician Xu Nanping volunteered to take the paper-making wastewater "zero emissions" in the world of technical problems.

pulp tail water zero emissions, when the industry at home and abroad generally considered impossible." Project implementation, Nanjing University of Technology Institute of membrane science and Technology Professor Yang Gang said.

they are going to complete the task is all-weather, 24 hours of unconditional operation, the pulp wastewater into recyclable water, industrial salt and dry mud, to achieve the full amount of wastewater recycling.

pulping wastewater "zero emissions" is not Arabian Nights

to achieve "zero emissions", the scientific lock of the composition of the pulping wastewater is very important." Yang Gang introduction, due to the complex composition of pulp and waste water, water quality than the research group imagine worse.


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