I am a dog from Istanbul (no lover of snow, warm heart together! 京港澳高速车祸 玩具反斗城破产

I am a dog from Istanbul (no lover of snow, warm heart together! – Sohu travel

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Hello, I come from Istanbul, the city is where I grew up, everyone loves me.

have you read the book "White Castle" by the White army? These two days we live in the snow after the full screen of Istanbul "white castle"…

in such a blizzard weather, we these "City pet" is very hard, you know? Kitten puppy hunger and cold resistance is very low, the kitten continued to starve for 6 hours, the dog continued to starve for more than 17 hours, there will be life-threatening.

the Istanbul snow exceptionally large, outdoor life we are cold, snow flying, but not cold cold heart, when we see the streets to the Turks these cats and dogs, even made the unexpected things: no matter where we are, these stray dogs and stray cat will have dinner eat, and a warm place to sleep.

if you are a dog, would you please tell your partner, in Istanbul’s Bakirkoy Atrium shopping center, the door of the theater has a good place, here has become the dogs of snow harbor, well intentioned people here for each dog to towel blanket.

is not just a shopping center, but also nearby clothing stores have opened their doors to stray dogs in the room to rest.

I have lived in this small room, which is a simple and warm hut for the old lady to spend ten minutes on the little kittens and puppies.

and, do you know what these sticks are for on the branch?

this is not a performance art, is to let the birds can find food, not in the ice and snow in hunger… The good people in this city.

believe that our friends have been concerned that we have made a number of stray dogs, stray cats in Turkey. To be honest, Turkey is really a paradise for stray dogs and cats, and they will not be caught in a frenzy of buying and selling or becoming someone’s dinner


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