Xixiang WAL-MART Xixiang WAL-MART Shenzhen]_ cut cut incident caused 2 dead 9 injured suspect unempl 巴基斯坦反美游行 孙俪选秀美照曝光

July 16, 2017 21 am, Baoan District Xixiang Gaolin court WAL-MART supermarket, a man armed with a knife. At present, 2 people have been killed and 9 injured. Baoan police rushed to the scene, the suspect Jiang Moumou (male, 30 years old, Chongqing) arrested, and assist 120 injured rushed to hospital to treat. After the trial, the suspect has no fixed occupation, is a separate crime. It is reported that the Shenzhen municipal Party committee and the municipal government are fully organizing the treatment of the wounded. The case is under further investigation. According to BYD news reports, after the incident, the suspect Jiang Moumou, and had lost a "suffering from mental disorder" — "the last home is Shenzhen a" Chongqing man surnamed Jiang — physical and family information. 16 evening, Beiqing Bao reporter lost contact with the family man,
said the other party, his son does suffer from mental illness, "the whole family has not contacted him for two or three years, he said only to go to Guangdong to work, and then we can not contact him, ." The stabbing suspect is a mental patient, publicity officer, Baoan Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen City, the BMC told reporters,"
isn’t sure for yet". According to the "Shenzhen Baoan Xixiang WAL-MART supermarket stabbing incident", July 17th, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau staff told surging news,
at present, the initial exclusion of suspects Chiang Moumou mental illness, procuratorate has approved the arrest of Chiang moumou.

Nandu according to earlier reports, the reporter received Baoan District people’s report said, Baoan Avenue is located in the WAL-MART supermarket, a man with a knife knives, very bloody scenes. Zhang told reporters that the public, about 9 to 10 points, when he had a friend to go to the supermarket to buy food, is experiencing cutting scenes, "vegetables are not, and quickly ran back."". The street reported that July 16th at 20:55 PM, Shenzhen Baoan Xixiang District Court Gaolin community upstairs WAL-MART store occurred a man cut incident. More than 10 people were injured in the incident. After receiving the report, street Secretary Lin Gengbin, member Song Naizhen, member Xie Chengxi immediately relevant departments to attend the disposal. After understanding, the suspect named Jiang Shengjun (male, 30 years old, Chongqing), has been controlled public security organs. The injured have been sent to Hang Seng Hospital and Baoan Central Hospital respectively.

16 at about 11 p. m., a large number of police were at the scene near the WAL-MART supermarket where the incident occurred.

2017年7月16日21时许,宝安区西乡金港华庭沃尔玛超市内,一名男子持菜刀伤人。目前已有2人死亡,9人受伤。 宝安警方接报后迅速赶赴现场,将嫌疑人蒋某某(男,30岁,重庆人)抓获,并协助120将受伤人员送往医院全力救治。经初审,嫌犯无固定职业,系单独作案。 据悉,深圳市委、市政府正全力组织救治伤员。案件正在进一步侦破中。 据北青报报道,事发后有消息称,犯罪嫌疑人蒋某某,与此前失联的一名“患有精神障碍症”――“最后一次联系家里的时候是深圳的座机”的蒋姓重庆男子――体貌和家庭信息吻合。 16日晚,北青报记者致电失联男子家人,
暂时还不能确定”。 针对“深圳宝安西乡沃尔玛超市内持刀伤人事件”,7月17日,深圳市公安局工作人员告诉澎湃新闻,


据南都稍早前报道,记者接到宝安区多名市民报料称,位于宝安大道的沃尔玛超市内,有一男子持刀砍人,场景十分血腥。 市民张先生告诉记者,事情大约发生在9点到10点之间,当时自己有朋友进去超市买菜,正遇到砍人场面,“菜都不要了,赶快往回跑”。 街道通报称, 7月16日20时55分许,深圳宝安西乡社区金港华庭小区楼上沃尔玛商场发生一起一男子砍人事件。事件造成10余人受伤。接报后街道书记林更斌、委员宋乃阵、委员谢承希立即率相关部门到场处置。 经了解,嫌疑人叫蒋胜均(男,30岁,重庆人),目前已经被公安机关控制。现伤者已经分别被送往恒生医院和宝安中心医院抢救。






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