The common method of dysmenorrhea nursing inventory of five types of dysmenorrhea diet 自制航模逼停高铁 刷脸打借条助守信

The common method of dysmenorrhea nursing inventory of five types of dysmenorrhea diet

for female friends, especially those with dysmenorrhea female friends to understand some of the nursing methods of dysmenorrhea is very useful, to relieve dysmenorrhea is very useful. What are the common methods of dysmenorrhea care? Here to tell you about the common dysmenorrhea nursing methods.

four common dysmenorrhea nursing method

1, nursing dysmenorrhea first should pay attention to and pay attention to menstrual health, food and pre menstrual eat cold and spicy spicy strong.

2, the elimination of menstrual tension, fear, psychological concerns, relieve the mood to be happy, dysmenorrhea care is also very important. Can participate in labor and exercise, but should pay attention to rest.

3, usually to strengthen physical exercise, especially physical weakness. Should also pay attention to improve the nutritional status, and to actively treat chronic diseases. This is also a more important method of nursing dysmenorrhea.

4, pain attack can be symptomatic treatment, oral Compound Aminopyrine Phenacetin Tablets, dysmenorrhea care also help. In addition, can drink some hot water or take the brown sugar ginger moxibustion Sanyinjiao and Hegu, uterus and other points, will receive good results.

inventory of five types of dysmenorrhea diet side

of qi stagnation and blood stasis type

women without qi stagnation and blood stasis pain, often accompanied by abdominal distension, defecation flow etc.. In addition, patients may be associated with premenstrual breast pain, poor blood circulation, skin dark dust, dry skin, menstruation will have blood clots and other symptoms.

relieving qi stagnation and blood stasis dysmenorrhea, need qi stagnation, grapefruit, orange peel as raw material. The skin is a good choice of honey two. The grapefruit 1 grapefruit skin to meat, chopped, and 60 grams of dried tangerine peel together into the sand in the bottle, add appropriate amount of liquor, soak 6 hour, boiled, put 1 pounds of honey mix, sooner or later each day, two spoonfuls of water or water.


Small abdominal pain before or after menstruation will

shireyunjiexing with a burning sensation, may appear dark red menstruation, menstrual Zhichou, block, or no menstruation, leucorrhea yellow viscous genital itching.

tea, hawthorn tea can Jinqiancao capillaris dampness, activating blood and removing blood stasis, suitable for heat accumulation type dysmenorrhea women. Lysimachia tea need 20 grams 12 grams of Lysimachia, turmeric, both wash and put the pot, add boiling water, add honey, tea drinking; Yinchen hawthorn tea need herbaartemisiascoparira 20 grams, hawthorn 10 grams, 15 grams of honeysuckle, all boiling water into the pot, add brown sugar, divided drinking.

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