Spring detailed data Guangxi difficult to grab votes returning difficult brush votes 40 times the av 张稀哲低调大婚 外卖小哥蒙面送餐

Spring detailed data: Guangxi difficult to grab votes returning difficult brush votes 40 times the average

hundreds of millions of people to migrate, only for a reunion. The spring of 2017 from the beginning of January 13th to the end of February 21st, a total of 40 days. These 40 days, hundreds of millions of Chinese people will do "pendulum" move between different regions, and the documentary "Chinese New Year" is the earth’s largest population migration "to describe the spring festival.

in order to reduce the pressure of the railway station and ticket outlets queuing purchase, China Railway on 2011 officially launched 12306 online ticketing platform. Online ticketing has gradually become the first choice for Chinese people. According to reports, this year’s Spring Festival second days (January 14th) all day long sale ticket 9 million 668 thousand, the Internet (including mobile phone sale 7 million 33 thousand 4 million 688 thousand), accounting for 72.7% of the sale amount.


recently released the "2017 360 browser spring ticket network big data report", the spring of this year the overall interpretation of network ticket. Data show that, although the relevant departments have already made a lot of effort, but because of the flow of people during the Spring Festival in the short term large-scale centralized, in many areas, train tickets, tickets are still very popular.

360 expert said: "according to the user through the browser 360 times on the brush votes required the ticket, and finally successfully grab votes the number of sheets, we analyzed each brush ticket around the train ticket grab votes success experience times, get feedback on different routes to grab votes difficulty report."

Figure 2: popular provinces route each ticket number of votes

data show that in the provincial route, each ticket Guangdong to Guangxi on average to brush 57 times, topped the list; followed by Zhejiang to Hubei ticket to Guangdong Shaanxi to brush 54 times, each ticket need to brush 42 times.

Figure 3: popular city route ticket number

compared with the provincial route, the popularity of urban routes to grab votes to be significantly higher. One of the most difficult to grab votes line Hangzhou to Wuhan, the average number of passengers to grab votes up to 147 times; and Shanghai to the Harbin line ranked in the top second. In addition, Guangzhou to Guigang, Shenzhen to Chaozhou, and Beijing to Changchun and other route is the most sought after intercity routes.

Figure 4: the average number of votes to reach the popular provinces

arrived in the popular provinces to grab votes difficulty, visitors go to Guangxi most hard, an average of about 40 times to brush votes to grab votes. It is not difficult to see that the people of Guangxi is the most difficult to return home, and Guangzhou as a popular departure station, go to a lot of places are not good to grab tickets, which is also reflected from the side of Guangdong is a region with more foreign population." Experts say.

Figure 5: popular city rush ticket number

arrives in the city to grab votes in the popular difficult situation, to take an average of 76 Guigang brush votes, and to Chaozhou users need to brush votes 61 times the average. More than two cities out of the difficulty to grab votes first, the second.

360 expert said: "Hope"


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