The latest progress of the Sichuan doctor stabbed smooth injury has been transferred to a general wa 菲佣雇佣乱象 男孩撞破玻璃门

the evening of January 7, 2017, Sichuan Province, Luxian County people’s hospital emergency department doctor Lin Xie in diagnosis and treatment for patients with abdominal, being about 20 cm long knife stabbed, after the surgery, Xie Lin was sent to ICU. The next day, the health sector and the people’s Hospital of Luxian County propaganda department responsible person to get a phone call and learned that Dr. Lin is currently stable injury, has been transferred to the general ward.

according to the local public security departments and hospitals for the first time informed the situation, the murderer has not yet been arrested. Relevant responsible person stressed that the local public security department has said it would punish the murderer. The official also said that in order to appease the feelings of employees of the hospital, the hospital in the official name of the staff in the WeChat group issued a notice, the full text is as follows:

7 January 2017 evening, the emergency department of our hospital doctor stabbed event occurred, the specific information is as follows:

a. The event goes through

at about 23:10 pm on January 7th, a young man with a head injury to a female patient came to the emergency department of our hospital. The emergency department of our hospital doctor Xie Lin in the doctor’s office for diagnosis and treatment of the injured, in two young male workers from outside the hospital (one with black clothes, tattoos), conflict of female patients with head trauma in young male escort and before the doctor Xie Lin dissuade do not affect the medical treatment work conflict occurred, if not then, black tattoo men began to push Xie Lin, and with a length of about 500px was to Xie Lin abdominal stab knife.

heard the nurse on duty immediately after the doctor’s office news report 110, and other hospital staff in a timely manner to give thanks to forest protection, to stop the murderer.

chaos killer weapon companions will take the murderer (black man) managed to leave; the medical staff to the injured doctor Xie Lin to carry out rescue work, preoperative preparation, emergency laparotomy under general anesthesia; when the police arrived at the scene and arrested a murderer companion, the hospital actively cooperate with public security departments for investigation and treatment.

two. Condition and operation

after emergency surgical findings: left lower abdomen navel visible 75px oblique incision incision split, neat edge, can be seen in the greater omentum and intestinal blockage, no obvious blood flow. No 50ml in the abdominal cavity of the blood coagulation, the omentum can be seen on the 75px gap, visible blood overflow.

diagnosis: 1 abdominal (knife) penetrating injury of the omentum laceration of the 2.


surgery, the doctor will be sent to the observation of ICU. Now Schelling stable vital signs, we will pay close attention to the injured doctor, make the next step of medical treatment according to the illness.

three. Emergency response

After the

incident, the hospital attaches great importance to the active treatment of our hospital injured doctors, and take appropriate security measures to protect the medical people;


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