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Home-and-Family When growing and caring for orchids, it’s very important to know the proper conditions in which orchids grow. Most species of orchids originate from tropical locations around the world. If your like most of us, you probably don’t live in the tropics, but an understanding of tropical climates and conditions goes a long way to understanding how to care for orchids. Once you know how, growing and caring for orchids is easy and very rewarding. Many believe that growing orchids are difficult, but this is simply not true. Although some species of orchids require additional attention, most types especially the more .mon ones, are very easy to grow and care for. With over 30,000 orchid species and another 100,000 hybrids, everyone can find a type of species that can easily grow and thrive in their own environment. Orchid care is not difficult. It’s not rocket science and you don’t need advanced degrees to successfully grow healthy and beautiful orchids. Once you know the essentials to caring for orchids you’ll be rewarded with their beauty year after year. Here are 5 tips to care for orchids that you will find useful and will provide a good start on your journey to learning more about orchid care: 1. Locate your orchid beside a window where it’s warm and gets plenty of daylight sunshine. As a inexpensive type of artificial light, you can use fluorescent lighting. It’s important, however, to leave sufficient space between the lamp and plant so you don’t burn the leaves. 2. Orchids thrive in temperatures between 55 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius). Orchids outside of these temperatures will loose their buds and will not bloom. 3. Orchids love high-humidity so it’s important to keep them in an area that has sufficient humidity levels. With this said, it’s also important not to over-water as this will kill the blooms due to root rotting. When you re-pot your orchid shortly after bringing it home, make sure the new pot provides adequate drainage. Thoroughly water your orchid and let the water drain so that the roots aren’t left soak in water. The main thing to keep in mind is that the orchid potting mix needs to be moist. 4. It’s not necessary to fertilize your orchid while it blooms, but it is important to fertilize while the plants getting ready to bloom. It’s during this cycle that the plant needs the most nutrients. Once in bloom, you don’t need to fertilize. The most important thing to know about fertilizing orchids is to avoid fertilizers that contain the .pound urea. Orchid’s nutritional needs are different than crops and .mon household plants that make urea ideal for their specific needs. 5. Keeping your orchids in bloom for the longest period of time requires pruning while it’s in bloom. Once properly pruned, you’ll see a second bloom that would not have developed without your pruning. Many types of orchids do require special needs and consideration, so it is important to learn the needs of the particular specie of orchid you wish to grow and care for. What makes orchids so desirable? It’s not just one thing but several. They have a rich history, they are exotic plants, they have such a wide variation, and they’re simply beautiful. Giving your orchid the proper care will keep them healthy and blooming year after year. Among the easiest orchid to care for is the Phaleanopsis. No it’s not a dinosaur, but a beautiful orchid that blooms white or purple flowers. It’s popularity lends itself to the fact that it is one of the easiest specie of orchid to care for. With the proper and right amount of care and attention, you’ll be able to grow beautiful, healthy orchids year round, orchids that will display a full, colorful bloom throughout the blooming season. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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