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30 strong housing prices hundred counties: Ring first-tier cities rose fast Sanhe Hebei top 30 most expensive counties: Ring first-tier cities prices rose faster in Hebei Sanhe Shandong’s most expensive most people in first-tier cities and second tier hot city prices steadily rise at the same time, the county housing prices is what? 22 days, China Academy of Social Sciences financial the Strategic Research Institute released a report on the development of county economy China "(2016)". The county comprehensive economic competitiveness of the top 100 ranking of the comprehensive competitiveness of the top 3 are Kunshan City, Jiangyin City, Zhangjiagang City, Changshou City, followed by Yiwu City, Cixi City, Zhuji City, Yixing City, Jimo city and Taicang city. Hundred counties (cities) in 20 provinces (cities, districts), Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong accounted for a total of 26 seats, seats and seats of the 20, compared with other provinces and cities have an absolute number of advantages. First financial journalists selected the top 30 County hundred counties, observe the county economy of nearly a month average price of the property market, found that the hundred counties ranked twentieth in Hebei Sanhe 16965 yuan square meter price Kunshan, Taicang ring way ahead, first-tier cities rising prices. Zhejiang plate prices higher overall level, with the exception of the Shandong plate prices generally low. First tier cities rose faster than the top 30 counties in Jiangsu, up to a total of a total of 12, Zhejiang, the Shandong, the 5, Hebei, Tianjin, Fujian, Hunan, each of the 1. The first major economic province of Guangdong as the economic center is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, the Pearl River Delta counties such as Shunde, Nanhai, Zengcheng and other places have all changed, so there is no country can enter the top 30. That is, in June this year, the State Council agreed to withdraw Jixian County, the establishment of Jizhou District of Tianjin City, the administrative area of the original Jixian County is the administrative region of Jizhou district. However, due to the report of the 2015 data, so it is still included in the statistical comparison of Jixian County. In addition, the price data from China’s real estate market platform. Because the price of the county is the real estate price range within the county, both the center of the city’s real estate, but also includes the suburbs and towns of the new site, so the price will look slightly lower than the actual experience. But in fact, downtown real estate, tend to be higher on average than the statistics of three to 50%. Among them, the average price of Hebei, Sanhe reached 16965 yuan square meters, ranking first in the top 30 of the top. The price of the most expensive Sanhe why? This is because last year, Beijing City sub center of the news released after the release of the Tongzhou history of the most stringent restriction policy, across the river with the Tongzhou north three counties (Langfang and Guan Jingnan "four tigers") market fire burned more prosperous, structure the four most active plates around Beijing property market. A large number of purchasing power spillover from Beijing to here. At present, under the Sanhe Yanjiao prices rose beyond imagination. A year ago, the market still exclaimed prices rose to 15000 yuan per square meter; now, many new sites in Yanjiao has exceeded 30 thousand yuan or approaching a square meter mark. Sanhe and similar, because the purchasing power of first-tier cities, prices rose and Shanghai spillover around Kunshan, Taicang and other places. "This year, we basically doubled the price here." Work in Taicang.相关的主题文章:

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