3 the soul ferry took great movie memories of the first three quarters of Yin Xiao Biao tears – in B autobots

"3" the soul ferry took great movie memories of the first three quarters of Yin Xiao Biao tears – in Beijing Xiao Yin tears in the scene in Beijing on 2 November, (reporter Zhang Xi) 1, "suspense drama soul ferry 3" last season "farewell" conference held in Beijing. The drama director Guo Jingyu, producer, screenwriter small auspicious day Mr. director Ju Xing Mao and starring Yu Yi, Liu Zhiyang, Xiao Yin, Zhao Xiaosu, Peng letter full scene, recalled together through the three season shooting experience, to conceal his feelings of sadness, Xiao Yin is the scene of a whirlwind tears more than. "Soul" series tells the story of a ferry to repair a broken heart, 100 kinds of evil "as the spiritual core of the supernatural story. The first quarter of 2014 a line, they set off a click boom. The current hits in the two quarter has more than 3 billion, also has a lot of fans of fans. As the IP series ending, "soul ferry 3" the last season in 12 set piece and the theatre, attracted a lot of fans look forward to. Art director Guo Jingyu for the first two seasons left little suspense, auspicious day as producer and screenwriter said, "3" is the soul ferry last season to fill the pit, all the surprises and all the answers at the end of the season, said with a smile to the "soul ferry" "divorce", "before there are many main line. The problem did not solve it, this will get rid of. Don’t throw the blade, send it back to you." Despite the small auspicious days have been refused spoilers, but several starring in the answers to the five big mystery still revealed a number of key information, such as actress Xiao Yin will be at the end of "black", "new" Zhao Xiaosu will be at the end of one animal. In the face of ending, many netizens expressed dismay over, don’t give up "wonderful interpretation of the iron triangle" brings, the scene is to play the classic moments before the two season. Look at the footage, the "iron triangle" of Yu Yi, Liu Zhiyang, Xiao Yin said filming memory put the Buddha yesterday, at the time of filming in details. Yu Yi said the strange from each other, three of them now have eye contact with the tacit understanding, "a lot of things to understanding needless to say, Xiao Yin and I, often in publicity, dressed very harmonious, like." Starring Liu Zhiyang as the heroine, Xiao Yin said the first quarter was like Liu Xiaoqing, so this specially with the makeup to long hair. Play with two actors with a combination of emotional entanglements. She also generous recognition of ideal life is Yu Yi and Liu Zhiyang, "because I think the two of them are not the same, are very complementary, you said if Yi brother gave me to cook, Liu Zhiyang beside the guitar, this picture is beautiful ah?" But when it comes to end soon, Xiao Yin immediately but could not help choking, she said "thanks" to let everyone know your soul ferry. Love in order to repay the fans have been, starring one of Liu Zhiyang field also brought her best talent, sing two songs, Xiao Yin brings a dance. However, the atmosphere climax is behind several big awards, including director Ju Xing Mao won the "best guest" award. At the same time, obtain the producer, screenwriter for the small auspicious day one of the "best pit king" title. Big scene photo相关的主题文章:

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