234 love you beautiful bloom exudes the charm of urban women borderland

"I love you" 234 beautiful blooming city female charm entertainment Tencent distributed by Taiwan enterprise KBrO cineFinance produced by Limited by Share Ltd, Film Group Corp China import, Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd issued the "234 career love movie I love you on September 23rd" national public ying. The drama queen Ariel Lin and the man of God film starring Qin Hao, Jian Honglin, Cai Shuzhen, Zhou Hengyin portrait of joining. The characters of each different character, perplexing relationship, love and hate, the role of women is that emotional values of different generations of independent women, presumably released on the occasion, cause a resonance. In the workplace rookie game of love to face your desire of participating in the 234 Ariel Lin "love you", as a tough and intelligent, courageous dedication of the urban women — a brief Peixun, play the role of changing shape, rich character level, it is the acting a little challenging. Jane Peixun, entering the workplace simply ignorant, with a dream to realize their own value of life, although fortunately bumps, an unyielding strength, can also stick to it. Pei Xun is well educated, have their own life goals, and his boyfriend (Jian Honglin ornaments) emotional stability, loving sweet, is typical of the new city women, but because of a special work, made jewelry design director Li Yao (Qin Haoshi), Li Yao’s gentle and calm, treat the work seriously, even Pei smoking is not the kind of "materialism" woman, his class identity, still let Pei smoked feel a fresh, "as long as have a French meal, in the face of special offer menu will be undaunted". Previously, Pei smoked never thought I would fall in love with other men outside the Azeri Li Yao appearance, but she was upset, she began to slowly clear understanding of self, face the inner desire. The film with a kind of elegant style, the woman’s desire to fully release and expression, the achievement of this work. Urban women have the courage to pursue love will never die Peixun Jane and Ariel Lin’s past Yuan Xiangqin and lin ear Seto role is different, the little girl to fade completely childish, more add a mature charm. The play is not only the story of urban women how to grow Guardian story of happiness from setbacks, but also the integration of the collision of various values, love and marriage, focusing on many social hot spots: female midlife crisis, mistress, urban white-collar values confusion and other issues will be presented one. Life is all about love, and love is just a part of life. Modern urban women, highly educated, strong purchasing power, independent personality, work time, there are a bunch of interesting cattle break colleagues, do not work on the day to sleep naturally wake up. Marriage has lost its place and necessity, and women have more room to think, "what do I want?"". Jane Peixun drama is different from the idol drama hero, often Shangchunbeiqiu desperate, but always deeply in our hearts, and the contradiction of self talk, trying to reconcile. Unlike those set a day to buy luxury goods, shopping bags, urban drama, full of hard to do a male amateur. The film "love you" 234 valuable about different urban women’s mental outlook!相关的主题文章:

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